17 Small, Insignificant Things Men Do That Mean More Than “I Love You”

17 Small, Insignificant Things Men Do That Mean More Than “I Love You”

Elsa Quartet
March 28 2017 - 03:24pm

Most grown up women know that men can’t (or don’t) say things out loud most of the time. And we eventually learn that they don’t always mean what they say or say what they really mean. So, relationships get complicated. Either you start to be doubtful of their love for you, or just put with the drama until the moment you find the courage to end things with them. But sometimes we should just look at the seemingly insignificant, small things they do to understand if he really has feelings for us. Elite Daily came up with these 17 things that mean more than “I love you.”

1. He goes to things he doesn’t want to go to because you’re going.

He obviously doesn’t want to go to your random coworker’s housewarming party, but if you’re there, none of the details matter.

2. He’ll stay in on a Friday when you’re sick and risk getting it.

He wants to be with you, even when you’re sick. There are no limits to his love or his devotion. Taking care of you is still better than a night without you.

3. He can sleep with you and not have sex.

Getting you into bed isn’t a prerequisite for sex. It’s just another place he likes to lie with you (and not to you).

4. He buys your friends drinks too.

He doesn’t just want to make you happy, but the people closest to you, too.

5. He goes where you want to go for dinner.

His own needs and desires come second to pleasing you.

6. He buys snacks specifically for you.

His cabinet is stocked with gushers and green tea because he doesn’t see you as just any other guest.

7. After a trip, he stops to see you before seeing his own apartment.

Being in love and apart is one of life’s greatest travesties. He doesn’t waste any more time away from you than he has to.

8. He’ll always text you back, even when it’s inconvenient.

Sometimes he just doesn't feel like texting. Maybe he doesn’t want to talk right now. But he’ll never let you just sit there with an unanswered text.

9. He pays attention to the little things and remembers them for later.

He knows what notebooks you like to write in, what kind of Snapple you love, and he remembers all about the fish allergy you mentioned once.

10. He tries to set up his friends with your friends.

He wants your life to become as much a part of his life as possible. If that means double-dating, so be it.

11. He gives you a towel.

He wants you to be comfortable when you stay over. He wants you to feel at home and safe. In order to do that, he treats his apartment like a fancy hotel and you’re the VIP guest.

12. He tells you you’re beautiful when you wake up — no matter how much makeup is smeared across your face.

Because you are beautiful, and real love transcends looks and smeared makeup.

13. He even pretends to listen when you’re complaining about insignificant drama.

He indulges you in your gossip and will pretend to care about your boss’s new girlfriend.

14. He doesn’t act any different when his friends are around.

Your partner is open about your relationship in front of his friends. He’s not ashamed to admit he has a girlfriend and hugs you in front of them — he’s proud.

15. He actually gives you advice when you talk to him.

He doesn’t just listen to your problems, he cares about them, too. He wants to see you happy, and that means treating your bad day like his own.

16. He carries that extra bag of yours — you know, the really girly one.

He wants to help you take a load off (figuratively and literally). He has no shame carrying your purse because it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks but you.

17. He doesn’t need to tell you he loves you.

You don’t feel unloved or insecure because he doesn’t say it to you every day. You know he loves you by the way he looks at you, waits for you and wants to be with you.

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