Why Does Having A Secret Affair Excite People So Much?


Why, why, why? Why is it so exciting for two people to hook up behind closed doors? What makes people cheat on their partners and why do some people just hide their relationships? Well, again, science saves the day. Let's see what science has to say to about these questions!

In fact, the underlying answer is somewhat certain: confidentiality.


It is known that sex done secretly is psychologically more pleasurable than normal sex. The same pleasure goes when you take it to a relationship level.

Why is it so? It is possible to interpret the reasons under certain headings.

New relationship, new adventure.


A secret relationship is something new. There is little reason for a relationship that has continued for a few years to be secret. This is just not possible.

According to a research (Schmiedeberg and Schröder, 2016), sexual satisfaction peaks in the first year of sexual intercourse and starts to decline from this time.


So instead of a relationship that is obsolete and not exciting, a new relationship is always better.

Don't think that it's just a fear of being discovered.


There really is such a thing, and for that reason, there are couples who keep their relationship secret even though they don't need to do this at all.

According to a survey (Dutton and Aron, 1974), people who are in fear (for example, when crossing a high and swinging bridge) found the potential partners near them more attractive.


This can also psychologically make the relationship more stimulating and enjoyable.

It is a fact: sharing secrets increases the intensity of intimacy and relationship.


As we are inclined to share secrets with the people we are close to, we begin to feel the same closeness to one we share a secret with. In other words, it can be said that sharing secrets is an important link in relationships.

The more authentic and big the mystery the partners share, the more exciting and engaging the relationship becomes.


So, go now and share this post with your secret partner!

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