Man Finds Out That His Girlfriend Of 3 Years Was An Escort!

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We love someone and think that we know everything about them. Most of you probably had affairs who were seeing other people at the same time or who cheated on you while you were together. But these things happen all the time, but this story is mind blowing. This man learned that his girlfriend of 3 years was also an escort. He preferred to make his girlfriend confess instead of confronting her. Let's see how the conversation went.


Yes, here we are with a bitter drama. This poor man learned that his lover, a very popular Instagram model, was an escort at the same time.

The man who introduces himself as Ian wanted to benefit from the service of his girlfriend.


The man named Eric chose this method instead of fighting with his girlfriend.

He learned it the hard way..

They continue talking for awhile.

I mean for hours.

We come to the hardest point of this conversation. Hundreds of arrangements, dozens of photos taken, and the ending confrontation ...

Pity, what can we say. As the internet world, we can just read it.

Sorry Eric, really sorry.
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