Are You Smooth Enough? Try To Impress Mia On This Date Night Quiz If You Can ;)

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Time to check out how smooth you are with this test. You haven't been with anyone in a long time and it looks like you're totally cool about it... But secretly you're fretting over it. Your buddy Manuel is aware of this so he's trying to match you with girls. His latest suitor is his good friend from school, Mia. You agree to go out with her and today's the day. You have Mia's number, now let's see if you can manage to stop being single by impressing her.

Mia answered your call! How do you start?

Hey babes, are you ready for me to rock your world?
Oh, hi! Uh, what's up?
Hey, Mia.

"Mm, interesting... How would you rock my world? ;)" But wait! This is not Mia, it's her mom speaking 😲

"Ooh uhh hi Mrs. Lotsky, is Mia there? Can I speak to her?"
Abort mission! Abort mission! Hang up ASAP.
"Ooh wow, well then.. I love me a mature lady! "

"Mature woman?? Who do you think you are! Shut up and never call this house again, you nasty brat."

You just called Mrs. Lotsky old. Come on man, that's rough. You failed.

You hung up and turned on the TV. Maybe there's a nice movie playing tonight to chill out.

"Oh you're Mia's friend! I hope you were joking just now... Here she is," - A younger voice comes on: "Hello?"

Uuuhhh... Hey, Mia... You ready to go out?
Hey cutie, you got two options. I can buy you dinner somewhere or you can just come over to mine so we can cook something together.
Hey Mia, your mom sounded pretty hot 😉

"Ugh, so sick of all these boys, you're all perverts!" exclaims Mia and hangs up on you. Maybe you can call back and try your luck with Mrs. Lotsky. 😉

"Yeah I'm ready," says Mia. You reply "I'll be there in 15," and start getting ready. Don't forget anything... Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. You are parked outside her house exactly 15 minutes later.

You've been waiting for 30 minutes now. Panic ensues. Go back home.
Keep waiting.
Get out of the car and yell "MIIIAAAAA"
Go over to the house like a gentleman and ring their doorbell.

Waiting... More waiting... It's been an hour now, no sign of Mia.

Keep waiting.
Is a chick really worth waiting for so long? Just go back home.

You yelled her name and a woman went outside, walking towards your car. Might be Mia's grandmother.

Give out a silly grin and ask "Is Mia home?"
Yell "MIIIIIAAAAAAA!!!" again.
Wait until the lady approaches the car and tell her she looks hot for an old woman.

She smiles and says "You must be Mia's date! Come inside, she's getting ready."

Forget Mia, hit on her grandmother. Tell her she's super hot for an old lady.
"Oh, I'm good, thanks. I'll just wait for her in the car."
Lean over to her ear and yell "THANKS!"
Go inside and wait for Mia.

"-I'm fine, you?"

"Oh wow, uhh, umm hi again, Mia."
"Umm, I'm fine too. You ready to go out?"

You ring the doorbell and an old woman opens the door. She gestures you to come in. A voice from upstairs yells "Almost ready! Make yourself comfortable." You go to the living room, the grandmother is staring into space and grinning. A man who might be the father is watching TV in his PJs and there's a toddler playing with toys.

Wink at the grandmother.
Sit next to the father and watch TV.
This place might be dangerous, go out and wait in the car.
Go over to the toddler to play together.

You enter the house. A voice from upstairs yells "Almost ready! Make yourself comfortable." You go to the living room, the grandmother is staring into space and grinning. A man who might be the father is watching TV in his PJs and there's a toddler playing with toys.

Wink at the grandmother.
Sit next to the father and watch TV.
This place might be dangerous, go out and wait in the car.
Go over to the toddler to play together.

You winked but there's no response. You wink a second time but still, nothing. It's like she's in her own world.

Try to figure out what she's looking at.
Wave at her face.
Ask her where's she looking.

She says "I'm her mother, wait a second I'll find her," so you wait. Mia comes on and says "Hey it's Mia."

Uuuhhh... Hey, Mia... You ready to go out?
Hey Mia, your mom sounded pretty hot .😉

You look at where she's looking but don't understand anything. She starts laughing but keeps looking at the same place.

Wave at her face.
Ask her where she's looking.

You go up to her and wave. She yells "Get out of the way, don't you see Oprah's bringing me cocktails."

Just smile and leave it at that. Keep waiting for Mia.
Lean closer to her ear and say "I peed on those cocktails."
Forget about it and go over to the toddler.

The granny leans even closer and whispers "I saw your dingdong as you peed, that's why I'm laughing."

She burned you. Sit down and wait for Mia.
Stop haggling the old lady and go over to the father.

You're watching TV with the father, it's been 10 minutes but you haven't exchanged any words. Finally during commercial break, he turns to you and asks "So, you're going out with Mia?"

Yup, we'll be hanging for a bit. She might stay over.
Yes sir, hopefully we won't go to an expensive place.

He laughs out loud and says "Her mother likes expensive places." He nudges you and says "I'm going to the kitchen. Want a beer, young man?"

Accept the offer and drink.
Politely refuse and keep waiting for Mia.
Politely refuse and go over to the toddler.

You start drinking and the conversation gets animated. Soon he's tipsy and talking about his sex life. He tells you that he's bored of Mia's mother and doesn't want to sleep with her anymore. He says "I know a few good bars, young man. Get up, let's go get some chicks."

Accept the offer.
Refuse and wait for Mia.

Finally Mia comes down. She's wearing leggings and a tight blouse, looking incredible. She says "Let's go," so you go out and get in the car. Small talk may work, maybe a few small compliments will catch her attention.

Your shoes are super cute!
Your body looks hotter than I thought, Mia.

Mia smiles and says "Haha thanks, I have a pretty strict diet." She liked your compliment.

Hold her hand and suggest going over to your place.
Suggest going to a bar and having a few drinks.

You sit at the bar and have a few drinks. You're having a good time but Mia seems a little bored.

Order more drinks.
Ask about her family.
Talk about your mutual friend, Manuel.

You talk a little about Manuel but Mia gets a little distraught. She finally confesses that she's had a crush on him for a while.

Order more drinks.
Tell her you're a better option than him.

You talk about her family and she tells you that her parents have been having big issues lately.

Order more drinks.
Tell her your parents are divorced; "Don't worry about it."
Talk about relationships.

Single life rules.

You gave up on waiting and decided to go home. You stopped at a fast food place and had a meal. Went home, watched a movie. went to sleep. Yeah, you missed the girl but it probably wasn't worth it. No regrets.

You fell asleep in the car.

You waited and waited but she never came out. The night went on and you fell asleep. You woke up to a knock on the window, and it was Mia! But it was already the morning.

"Omg I'm sooooo sorry!" said Mia.

"I waited for you all night!" you said and started yelling. It was like she was making fun of you!

Maybe you should try being more active next time, instead of waiting for women.

Did you really have to yell so much?

You yelled again and the lady went nuts. Just as she approached you, Mia ran down yelling "GRANDMAAA" and came up to her.

She was ready, with full makeup, leggings, and a tight blouse, looking super hot. "You ready, babe?" you asked. She gave a mean look.

The grandmother went even crazier and fainted. You both took her to the hospital and spent the night there.

Good intention is half of the success.

You came here for Mia but hit on her grandmother. Maybe you had a chance but you can't just say these things. The woman's eyes widened and she started yelling at you. Panic ensued and you ran away. At least you tried, and believed in yourself! The intention is half of success.

Confidence is key.

"What do you mean, hi again? Have some confidence, dude, you've been mumbling constantly. Please stop talking to me."

Too much confidence.

"Who do you think you are? You don't even know me. Ugh, why is it always me that finds these jerks!" She hangs up on you.

Congrats, you got knocked out.

Click to see.

The man gave you a harsh stare and punched you in the face. That's the last you remember, you woke up in the hospital and your whole body was aching. You asked for it, dude!

Result? 0 x Wasted = 0.

You went out with the man, to a bar he liked. He drank way too fast and at some point, he couldn't even stand still. You decided to keep up and ended up blacking out. You woke up miserably hung over, remembering nothing.

What the hell kind of compliment is that?!

"What, that's such a girly comment. Shoes super cute, wtf does that even mean to you? Just drop me off back home, go paint nails with your buddies."

You passed the speed limit of flirting...

"What, how are you going so fast, just because I was friendly for a bit? Drop me off back at my place, now."

Check out your alcohol problem.

You drank too much and puked on her. On. First. Date. She got up and left.

Wrong trick, man. She's wise.

"So you're betraying your best friend for a girl? What a douche."

She left, the bill's all yours to pay.

Mia is sensitive in this subject.

"So what if they're divorced, I'm explaining you my problems and you bring the subject to your parents. It's a big deal for me. It's been boring anyway and it's late. Let's end tonight."

It's gonna be a long night 😉

You started talking about relationships and you both got super into it. You jumped from relationships to art and philosophy and talked for a long time. She realized how much you've read and got impressed. You didn't even notice the time fly, and it was suddenly last call. Perfect opportunity: you invited her to continue back at your place and she accepted! After this point, you're good, if you brought it up to here you know what to do next 😎 You're good at this man, smooth and charming. Way to go!

You ask; "Where are you looking?" She says; "There."

Stand up and wave at her face.
Decide she's crazy and resume waiting for Mia.

You go over to the toddler and he says; "Hello mister, I'm Tommy. Are you going to see my sissy naked?"

Smile and say; "Don't worry about it, let's play with your cars."
Grin and say "Hopefully."

So you're GAY?!

The kid started yelling "So you're GAAAY???!!" which prompted Mia to run down and say "Seriously? Why are you wasting my time? Just get out."

You tried to explain the situation to no use. Had to leave.

You got knocked out.

Click to see.

The kid started yelling "This guy's gonna bang my sis!!!" so the father got up, walked over, punched you right in the face. That's the last thing you remember; you woke up in the hospital and your whole body was aching.

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