Who Has Better Orgasms: Men Or Women?

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Do you think men or women get better results from sex? Let us explain with statistical proof.

It’s a fact that the woman's orgasm lasts longer than the man's..

The average orgasm length for men is 3-10 seconds, while the women’s average is more than 20 seconds.

Is that all?

The answer is a big no. Even though women have longer orgasms, men achieve orgasm more often than women do.

This fact has a statistical explanation, which isn't a surprise..

While men reach orgasm 96% of the time they have sex,  the number is 69% for women.

Another study shows that the pleasure we get from sex depends more on sexual orientation rather than gender.

The research’s participants were between 21 and 26 years old, and the study revealed that no matter if the intercourse is homosexual or heterosexual, men get a fixed amount of pleasure, while this change makes a huge difference in women.

Homosexual women achieve 20% times more orgasms than heterosexual women.

The reason may be the fact that the length of lesbian sex is longer than that of a heterosexual.

Even though the orgasm for both men and women seems different, the effects of it on our bodies are very similar. (almost the same actually)

According to PET scans, the orgasm stimulates the same part of the brain in both genders.

Also, the logical part of the brain shuts off in both genders.

And it’s the perfect explanation of the ridiculous things both men and women do during sex.

Another similarity is that both genders feel sleepy after orgasm.

Because our bodies start to release Prolactin, which is the sleeping hormone. This hormone is released 4 times more after sex than masturbation. So keep that in mind!

But hey, what about the thrilling information?

We know we've just been talking about statistical information so far, but we have more to tell. For instance; did you know that orgasm is not a solitary action?

You know when you see someone sad, you feel sad also? The same thing applies to sex.

When you see your partner reaching orgasm, you may reach the same level with them, even though your body doesn’t give the physiological reaction for you to have an orgasm. It’s called dry orgasm. You know, when you dont ejaculate.

Still, it’s good to say that not everything can be explained with numbers, physiology, and strict rules.

The physiology, anatomy and psychology trio plays a huge role in this!

Wishing you a life full of pleasure… 🐰🐰

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