The Drug That Was Used On Dying Nazi Soldiers: Pervitin

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Allegations about Nazi Germany, the most important cause of World War II, never seem to end.

The latest allegation about Adolf Hitler is that he gave Nazi soldiers a very strong drug called Pervitin.

Nazi soldiers were given drugs.

It was found that soldiers were given drugs during World War II to help them fight longer. Germany's drug of choice was Pervitin, which was made from methamphetamine. It is reported that a lot of soldiers became addicted to this drug during the attacks on Soviet Russia in 1941.

200 million doses of Pervitine were distributed.

Records kept by the German military
reveals that about 200 million doses of Pervitin was distributed between 1939 and
1945. The German Doctors Association's research revealed that the Nazis had developed a cocaine-based
drug for soldiers on the frontline that they had tested on prisoners in
concentration camps.

Wolf Kemper, expert on criminology, wrote
a book on the Nazis' drug use and said ''This was the last secret weapon that
Hitler used to win a war that was already lost'.'

The aim was to turn the soldiers into robots.

It is said that the drug, code-named D-IX, was
tested on prisoners in the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen in the north of
Berlin. It was recorded that prisoners were able to walk more than 100
kilometers with a 20 kilos load on their shoulders.

The plan was to give all of the soldiers
this drug. Pharmacologists say that the reason was to turn regular soldiers,
marines and military pilots into robots with super capacity.

Soldiers became immune to -30 degrees cold weather.

Medical authorities say that the negative
side of this plan was that a lot of soldiers became desperately addicted to
the drug. Otto Ranke, a doctor from the Berlin Military Hospital was the man behind the Pervitin plan. He had found that the users of this drug had higher
self-esteem and were more self-aware.

A lot of soldiers used this drug on the
east front of the war. In 1942, 500 soldiers were surrounded by the red army in
-30 degrees.

It rejuvenated the soldiers that were about to die.

The Doctor wrote about his decision to use Pervitin like this: ''I decided to give them Pervitin when they started falling on the snow to die. They all started saying they were feeling better after an hour and a half. They started walking again. They were more sober, they became alive again."

Killer Nazi experiences

Prisoners in concentration camps were the
victims of Nazi doctors who were seeking the find drugs that weren't as risky
for the Nazi soldiers. In Dachau concentration camp, hundreds of prisoners died in
water tanks during experiments that were aimed at finding invulnerable clothes too cold for soldiers who landed on the sea.

Prisoners in Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in Austria were
exposed to horrible experiments to try and find a cure for phosphor burns. Some Nazi
doctors didn't even care to use anesthesia on the prisoners.

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