Scientists Explain Why Some Women Experience Stronger Periods!


Scientists finally explained why women experience strong period pain and why the amount of pain changes from person to person. We thank them for their really late discovery. We also hope more emphasis is given to the female body in science from now on. Women need an invention to kill period pain, more than men need Viagra, which has been around for 18 years...

PMS and period pain, the way of mother nature telling you that you're not pregnant every month.

You could have just texted, "mother" nature!

Researchers determined a pattern linked to periods.

So what's the link? It was already known that period pain and PMS are linked to inflammation of the body during the period.

That's why doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.

The research on 2,939 women proved a new link to C-reactive protein (CRP).

A sister waiting for her death by period pain...

Actually CRP determines the level of inflammation in the body.

People who have more CRP protein are more prone to inflammation, which makes them experience stronger period pain and harder PMS.

Noticeable and disturbing changes around this time of the month, like mood alterations, back and belly pain, breast pain, increased appetite, gaining weight, swelling of the belly and breasts are also related to high CRP levels.

80% of women experience PMS. With this discovery, period pain and PMS can be cured if science reveals how to alter CRP levels.

John Guillebaud from University College London, states that period pain might be as strong as a heart attack.

This goes out to all the fellow boys who think women "overexaggerate" it.

We strongly hope that overdosing on painkillers, crawling in bed and eating sweets non-stop all day will be history very soon.

We are watching you scientists!

Do it!

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