Rad Or Bad? 10 Things Social Media Might Be Turning Us Into!

> Rad Or Bad? 10 Things Social Media Might Be Turning Us Into!

It's the age of social media, digital worlds and instant communication...Everything happens lightning fast and people consume everything instantly. However, not everything is so great about social media. It makes certain things easier but on the other hand, it transforms us into new beings with different features. Have a look and see what social media slowly turns us into...

1. "Busy" Bee!

Let's face it. You spend at least 3-4 hours on your phone browsing your friends' new photos, check-ins or Tweets. However, when it comes to actually responding or engaging, NO ONE has time to do so. Yet when people ask why you haven't been responding, your excuse is: 'Oh, sorry. I'm very busy and I do lots of things...' Ok, and we don't? Do you think we sit on our a** the whole day and come up with new messages to write? You are not the only 'busy' person in this world...How come tons of managers and CEOs can respond fast while you just hide behind this lame excuse? Time to face facts...

2. Queen of the World!

It's good to have a platform where you can share what you've been up to, as well as the important things going on in your life. However, sometimes people may not want to see what you've had for lunch every single day or you know, 105810285812051 (exact number) photos from your wedding. Studies show at least 6 out of 10 social media users feel the necessity to keep their followers or friend list updated. But wait a minute, how important can your next Chinese takeout dinner actually be?!

3. Paranoid Android!

'Did she like my photo?' 

'Has he seen my message?' 

'If I use Tinder would my friends find me on it?'

'How many likes would this selfie get?'

Sound familiar? Guess what? The bells of paranoia toll for you! Every photo you take must be Instagram worthy and every status update must be witty and generate a buzz because you track your messages the way your government tracks you! It's all a vicious cycle. Until you let it go, the paranoia will fully take you over!

4. Jealous!

Since it's now a global platform of showing off your new sneakers, car, baby, promotion or what not, it's understandable people often feel jealous. But how healthy is this, especially for the sake of your friendships? Now comes the most important issue: Jealous Partners... 'Hmmm so who's that blonde next to you in that group photo of 900 people?' 'Did you just check-in to the same restaurant your ex did?!' The list goes on and on and on...Bottom line is, this whole notion of 'sharing your important moments' got a wee bit out of hand towards the point of gluttony.

5. Lonely!

Depending on your 'friend' count, your level of loneliness might end up rising. This entry is highly related to the first one, being busy in many ways. Because of the fact that all of us are busy and have time for nothing while checking our accounts for hours, we have no time to meet real friends. Besides, connecting with people is easier than ever so why bother moving out of my couch to meet you. Newsflash, you are actually lonely AF! Now go back and check how many people actually selected 'Attending' to your last Facebook event named 'MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!'

6. Pretentious!

Well, we've been talking on and on about showing off so it shouldn't be a surprise that this came along! It's the whole dilemma between the life we lead on our Instagram and the life we really lead. No more Martinis every day or lying on the sand, having fun etc. This entry is the ultimate hybrid of #1,2 and 3!

7. Narcissist!

Yes, we are. About 63% of all social media users have a tendency to love themselves to the level of narcissism. Furthermore, psych clinics are filled with people having issues with their ego. Again, this has to do with feeling important. As a result, the free social platforms of our age allows us to perfectly showcase and admire our lives!

8. Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Never enough likes, never enough attention! 'Why didn't you like our photo on Facebook?' 'I replied your comment why don't you like my comment reply?' There's no end to it! We always want more and more of everything. More followers, more friends, more likes, more more MORE!

9. Global beings!

It's not that bad after all...Social media makes us much more global and accessible. We can easily connect with old friends and see what they're up to. Meeting with new people has never been faster. You can join new groups, make new friends and who knows, end up getting married! Finding the love of your life on the internet is quite common nowadays!

10. Informed, so well informed!

Fake or not, we are surrounded by endless information. When something happens, you can now easily find out where it happened, who was responsible and moreover, live footage of the event. Watching concerts, attending festivals is easier, more convenient. Almost everything you want to find out is just a simple tap away. 

Bottom line is, technology is what we make of it! As long as we use it well, social media can be really beneficial instead of destructive.