New Study Confirms That Firstborns ARE Really Smarter!


It’s been a never ending discussion: “Are firstborns smarter?” Now there’s a brand new study confirming this theory. Here are the details…


According to a recent study, it was confirmed that the firstborn children were smarter than their siblings.

Because firstborns receive more mental stimulation from their parents in their early years, scientists say.

Researchers from University of Sydney and University of Edinburgh observed nearly 5,000 children from pre-birth to age 14.

Every child was assessed every two years.

Eldest siblings scored higher in IQ tests than younger brothers and sisters.

Researchers say that this is the case because firstborns get more mental stimulation from their parents.

Research teams observed parental behavior.

The researchers used an assessment tool, “the Home Observation Measurement of the Environment,” to observe parental behavior, including pre-birth behavior, such as smoking and drinking activity during pregnancy, and post-birth behavior, such as mental stimulation and emotional support.

The findings showed that advantages enjoyed by first born siblings start very early in life – from just after birth to three years of age.

Researchers found that parents changed their behavior as subsequent children were born.

Parents offered less mental stimulation to younger siblings also took part in fewer activities such as such as reading with the child, crafts, and playing musical instruments.

Mothers also took higher risks during the pregnancy of latter-born children, such as increased smoking.

In sum, the reason behind the higher IQ scores of firstborns are mostly because of the parental behavior.

“Our results suggests that broad shifts in parental behavior are a plausible explanation for the observed birth order differences in education and labor market outcomes,” says Dr. Ana Nuevo-Chiquero.

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