Ladies! It's Time To Change The Beauty Ideals Imposed By The Media


News, magazines and TV are filled with the same beauty standards. Skinny models, size 0's, tall figures... How much do these things actually represent your reality? Although the media chooses to represent a few exceptional examples, the reality is much more different. Recently, an American lingerie brand has made a huge step to change this wrong perception.

This brand has started with the principle of designing modern and chic lingerie and swimwear for "ordinary" women. Don't mistake this brand for a "plus size" brand though. This brand represents and embraces all the real women out there. You'll understand what we're talking about after seeing the photos.

1. We're already tired of how lingerie brands reflect how an ideal should be.

2. We do not want to see photoshopped bodies that are unrealistically smooth or greasy.

3. Because most of the real women out there does not look like these ladies.

4. However, this brand wants to make a change.

5. This brand doesn't bend reality according to the media's beauty ideals or male gaze.

6. Instead, it promotes loving and accepting the body as it is.

7. They're not after bothering you about how your body should look.

8. They are telling us that all bodies are unique and beautiful on their own.

9. The brand promises to never use unrealistic models.

10. The brand is also against the manipulation of the bodies through retouching.

11. This is the reason why the brand has so many followers around the States.

12. We have to mention that this brand is not a "plus size" brand.

13. Size doesn't matter. All sizes and types are welcome.

14. The real priority is being real and natural.

15. Far from being artifical.

16. It's a policy that exalts the women's body.

17. Because all women are beautiful the way they are.

18. Don't let other people's truth dictate your happiness.

19. This is the reason why you should destroy the body ideals and embrace your body as it is.

20. Start loving and accepting yourself NOW!

21. You'll be much more healthy, happy and peaceful.

22. Because you deserve it.

23. Because you are beautiful the way you are.

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