Here’s What Technology Will Look Like In 5 Years


Experts at the tech company IBM have come up with a ‘5 in 5’ list, which predicts the next five revolutionary technologies we’ll see by 2022. It seems that life will be a lot more different in just five years. Here’s how.


The first one, of course, is about artificial intelligence.

AIs today are able to play chess, working through complex logic trees. But compared to the human brain, they’re still relatively dumb. We’ll a see a lot more “intelligent” AIs in the next five years.

IBM believes that in the coming years we’ll be able to build a truly intelligent AI that will be indistinguishable from a human being.

They’ll be able to comprehend emotion and hold conversations. And it’s hoped that AIs will be integrated into our homes and phones to check on our general health and hopefully pick up on degenerative cognitive diseases early.

Also, we’ll integrate them into Google glass style devices which will give us the ability to see beyond the normal visual spectrum of light!

Another revolution will supposedly come in the form of macroscopes.

They are like the opposite of microscopes, allowing us to look at a phenomenon on a grand scale as opposed to a small one.

IBM believes that by analyzing data gathered by satellites, we’ll be able to create better models of interconnected phenomena, like climate change.

Speaking of saving lives, new micro-labs could potentially save thousands of people.

These small devices will detect health problems and could allow you to check your health with the flick of a switch. By connecting these chips to GPS, local GPs could be alerted if anything untoward is detected, saving lives from undetected illnesses.

Another revolutionary device will be the smart sensors.

These devices will detect poisonous gas or other toxic substances similar to a smoke detector, and be connected to the web allowing them to contact emergency services in an emergency.

So as you see, this is another “future technology” list without flying cars…

And be prepared for humanlike AIs, some experts argue that they’ll commit more crimes than humans in the future!

For more, here’s IBM’s Youtube channel.

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