Can't Bother With Pressure? 13 Things Free-Spirited People Can Relate!


You hate bossy people. You never bother putting yourself into stressful situations. You like being independent and free. Here you'll find all the things free spirited people go through.

1. Your patience is tested every time someone tries to boss you around.

2. You don't care about the future, you just enjoy the ride.

3. When you don't enjoy a book or a movie, you just don't bother with it.

Why spend all those hours for something you don't enjoy!

4. You don't what others would think. You can easily say you really don't give a sh*t!

5. When you feel bored or depressed, you just pack your bag and disappear for a couple of days.

6. You always think twice before you move. You don't jump at things.

7. You never ever let people control your life.

8. You love spending time in nature being on your own.

9. You act how you feel. You can do whatevah you want whenevah you want!

And who's to say no?

10. You never follow the herd. You're always the odd one!

11. You don't like working for people. You like being on your own and expressing your creativity freely.

12. Life is too short to be ordinary...Think and be outside the box!

13. Fear? Doubt? What the heck are those?!

Keep your spirit and your mind free...

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