8 Tips For The Ones Seeking A Healthy Living In An Urban Life


Urban Melody sets out with the idea that in order to FEEL GOOD, not only should we take care of our physical health but also mental health. It introduces us to new cities/countries and places under the category SIGHTSEEING, and it gives us recommendations on movies, festivals fashion, and new trends in the DISCOVER section... Here are some of them:

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Do you think "I want to lose weight but there's lots of time to summer, I'll start caring April or May?" Don't!

Start paying attention to what you eat while keeping in mind that the body of the summer is the bearing of the winter. Noel, New Year, winter mode ... You might have set yourself free from worries, but it's time to put a stop to it. If we want to open the beach season with the sexiest bikini, there are three months ahead of us. We should make the best of it with our diets.

Do you need motivation for exercising and a healthy diet? Get inspired!

Then let us introduce to you the best Instagram exercise accounts that would inspire you to do exercises right away. These Instagram Accounts that should absolutely be followed would fire you up with inspiration: Tony Horton, the father of Fitness; Bradley Dimmonds, the ex-Queen's Park Rangers Player; Katie Dunlop, once an overweight girl and now a trainer; Alexa Jean, who taught us that one can exercise during pregnancy.

Most of us have the idea to move to the country. It's time you start discovering new places.

In the past we would say "When I get older," but nowadays we see people who are trying to do these things at younger ages. Is it possible to live at the place that you leave in sorrow after every holiday saying "I want to live at a place like this?" Is it possible to live there without waiting for retirement? For answering these questions we are taking you to the islands not far from where you are living.

We don't have to go far away to avoid stress and to find peace and serenity!

We can create a soothing ambiance with some basic changes to our homes. You can find the clues to reflect the Zen philosophy, the principles of minimalism, simplicity, and purity.

Discover the cities not like a tourist but like a local.

Most tourists cities like London and Paris, etc. have a very limited variety of local food. They may declare other culture's foods as their own traditional food, as London acknowledges Tikka Masala, the Indian food, as its own. Get lost in the streets of the cities and taste the street foods from all over the world, but do not forget to visit the restaurants with the Michelin Stars.

Yoga or Pilates? Know their differences and pick the one that suits you the best!

Yoga and pilates, which have become more popular recently, are mostly mistaken for each other. They both have their own benefits but it is best to decide what to aim for. You can read about the similarities and differences between yoga and pilates and then you can decide.

What about the secret ingredients to use instead of sugar? Learn them!

As we get more conscious to the harms of sugar and artificial sweeteners, we come across more and more healthy sweetener alternatives for sugar. Although some new-generation sweeteners are really natural, it is not correct to say that everything coming from plants is always healthy. Thus, we should be careful about the alternatives for sugar.

Wishing to travel to the far end of the world!

There are lots of marvelous places all around the word waiting to be discovered. Read the travel notes of previous visitors to these areas and get informed and get inspired! For instance, begin by taking a look at different travel routes.

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