24 Kids To Restore Your Faith In Humanity And Its Future...


The future of our world is in our very hands...The way we raise our kids will shape its future as well as its ethics. Even though at times we think the world is so fked up and lost, these adorable kids will make you think the other way around!

1. This little girl hugging this cat so warmly...

The cat most of you wouldn't even lay hands on!

2. This little princess made a garage sale with her spare toys and donated all the money she made to those in need.

3. Animal love is strong within this one...

4. This little one, who makes sure his even littler friend tastes everything first.

5. Awwwwhhh. This cutie thinks he could revive that chicken with his love...

6. Would you share your beloved cookie with that stranger on the bus?

7. Oxygen boost for her little sheep that's going through a hard time.

8. This little hero saved up to buy tons of food for all the dogs in the local shelter.

9. Must...Not...Cry...This homeless boy is trying to do his homework by the McDonald's lights...

10. This boy is reading to a cat he's visiting in the shelter...

11. Trying to comfort her dinosaur after it's all patched up.

12. Hugs, lots of hugs...Even more hugs!

13. Peanut butter for all the dogs in the shelter...

That's literally so yum!

14. Her parents took their dog to the vet and she's comforting it by saying: "I know it hurts but you'll feel better soon."...

*watery eyes*

15. Even though her dad didn't want one, she prepped a sandwich for him...

16. Her mom told her to be careful about the cat because it's sick, so she started reading to it to make it feel better.

17. This one prepared a cozy bed and put some toys in it for the cat he found on the streets.

18. This one built a shelter for the street dogs to use.

19. This brave girl with a big heart donated a good amount of money to a shelter after selling her toys.

20. After finding out she lost her hair due to a sickness, this amazing girl cut her hair to make the other one feel better and more confident...

21. And this one, donating his hair to kids with leukaemia...

22. Awwwhhh nooo. He's trying to help the bunny statue climb up!

23. This 9 year old started taking care of dogs in need after building a shelter for them.

24. He saved up for a whole year, just to buy food for the homeless people in his neighborhood.

There's still hope people...We can do this!

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