22 Brilliant Logos That Will Make You Look Twice!


A good logo should always be distinctive, appropriate, and attractive. So, it’s not an easy job to design a logo that’ll stand out among countless logos that we see around every day. Bright Side compiled these 22 creative logos with hidden messages in their designs. You’ll have to look twice to see them!

1. Bar "Code"

2. Iron Duck

3. Sushi Restaurant

4. Dog Care Veterinary

5. Beebooks

6. Shocked

7. Push the Bottle

8. Bipolar

9. Killed Productions

10. Threesome

11. Michael Jackson Commemorative Logo

12. The Bronx Zoo

13. Octopus Caffe

14. "Mister Cutts" barber shop

15. Food Photo Blog

16. Corporate Bowling

17. Codefish

18. Black Cat

19. Impotence

20. "Infinity Crime" Studio

21. "Rockit" Night Club

22. Time

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