21 Things No One Told You About Having A Second Kid!


We all know how hard it is to raise a child. I mean, we've all been on the other end of it. Remember how big a pain in the a** you were when you were little? Now double the pain and effort. There you have it, your second kid! All jokes aside, we'd highly recommend going over these points before you consider having a second child.

1. It's almost impossible to get both of them to look at the camera at the same time...


Say goodbye to fancy X-mas cards!

2. Everything slowly gets harder and harder...

3. Everyone thinks you can't handle it...


"Oh man, they're so screwed now...How will she ever handle two of them?"

Well, f you!

4. No free time...Literally, none of it!


All your spare time activities will consist of routine doctor visits, taking them to the park, school, private lectures and so on...

5. It'll take you AGES to get ready and go out...


The good news is that practice makes it so much better!

6. You have to be lightning fast to change the little one's diaper. Or else...


The big one never stands still!

7. You have to feed either the little one, the big one, or your husband from sunrise till sunset. You can easily forget your own hunger.


Cook this, cook that! Rinse & Repeat!

8. Your baby will wake up quite often....


By whom I wonder!

9. And at night, they'll get their revenge!


10. Having them sleep together at the same time is highly unlikely...


Don't think this photo is natural. It was taken in a laboratory using high-tech test equipment!

11. If you have a boy and a girl, society will end your lifelong journey. If not, they'll keep asking if you want to keep trying to have 9 girls and finally a BOY!



12. It's harder to find a nanny for two kids...


You'll have to ask close friends or family members - if you ever find the time to go out and have fun.

13. Your house will never be as clean as before...Here come poo poo showers!


14. A mountain of dirty clothes always waiting to be washed!


15. If one of you ever gets sick...


The ultimate chain reaction!

16. No space in your shopping cart for your personal stuff.

17. You won't be able to buy/do everything equally...


18. If you want to travel, you have 2 years to do so!

Or else, the free flight ticket policy for babies will sail away...

19. Even if they love each other, there will always be some kind of jealousy!


20. No other sound will be more beautiful than both of them laughing together...


True story!

21. Last but not least: DOUBLE THE LOVE!

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