19 Of The Most Important Selfies Taken In 2016!


Selfie self·ie (n): a picture that you take of yourself especially by using the camera on your smartphone.

This definition might feel obvious or redundant as we live in the era of selfies. The word first appeared on an Australian news website in 2002. However, the word selfie wasn't used until the end of 2013. Nowadays selfies are everywhere and here are the most important selfies of the year 2016!

1. This shot of Hilary Clinton who is at the target of millions of selfies.

2. Leo finally got his Oscar selfie.

3. The viral guys selfie.

4. High-five selfie challenge.

5. A North Korean and a South Korean gymnast taking a selfie together at the Rio Olympics.

6. Fingermouthing somehow became the hot selfie trend in 2016.

7. This selfie of Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian from February.

8. Manny the Selfie Cat's epic selfies...

9. A trans woman who posted a selfie during the women's bathroom challenge.

10. Selfies are universal!

11. The corresponding Democratic intern selfie...

12. Paul Ryan's selfie with GOP Capital City Interns, which was criticized for lacking diversity.

13. Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s selfie with House Republicans.

14. This selfie is from the election night...

15. Ballot selfies, some of which were banned in several states.

16. Astronaut Tim Peake's first selfie from his first spacewalk.

17. Last but not least... This selfie which perfectly sums up the year 2016.

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