18 Things We Go Through On A Daily Basis That Are Only There To Make Us Unhappy


We have so many reasons to be thankful and happy but there are sometimes that just ruin everything! Though they seem small, they're enough to make you have a bad day or a few bad hours. In this list, we prepared those moments we all go through on daily basis. But again, let's just hope these will be the only things that make us unhappy. 😇

1. That time when you're checking out the channels on your TV and see a program you like is almost finished.


2. That time when you light the last cigarette the other way around.

3. That time when you grow a huge zit on your face just before a very important meeting or a date.


4. That time when you go out and a bird poops on you and you only realize it at the end of the day.

5. That time when you have to go to school or work at an early time on a freezing winter morning!


6. That time when you don't think it'll rain and don't take an umbrella but mother nature wants to ruin your day and it rains like hell!


7. That time when your battery dies when you need it the most and you notice you don't have your charger with you.


8. That time when the pumpkin seed you're eating is rotten and it ruins all the taste in your mouth.


9. That time when you learn you have guests in your house but you'd planned to rest at home after a hard week.


10. That time when you have to wake up for one reason or another on a Sunday morning.


11. That time when you become sick on a vacation you've been planning for weeks.


12. That time when you spend more time than you should to find a parking space close to your house.


13. That time when you're waiting for a document to be downloaded but it gets stuck on 99% and no matter what you do it just doesn't continue.


14. That time when you lose your money at a time when you need it the most.


15. That time when your favorite team loses.


16. That time when you realize there's no bread at home after having prepared the whole table and are ready to eat.


17. That time when you can't find a seat on the bus or the subway after a long day at work or school.


18. That time when you see how long you will sleep when you set your alarm at a very late hour.

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