17 Things Women With Makeup Are Tired Of Hearing!


You wear makeup because it's fun, makes you feel good and allows you to express yourself and enhance your style. Still, some people believe they're being funny or making a good point when they come up with their super 'genuine' arguments challenging your little 'obsession'. Or, they must think if women hear the same things a million times from a million different people, they'll experience spiritual enlightenment or something. Please, women who wear makeup are really tired of these annoying comments & questions.

1. Sure, even I can look like Brad Pitt if I used that much stuff on my face...


2. Yes, I literally wear pounds of make-up on my face,and I'm not tired of doing it every goddamn day.


3. “If you'll remove it eventually, why bother spending so much time doing it?” Hmm, never thought about it that way before, you must be a genius!


4. Of course, I only wear makeup because I'm insecure about myself. You think I am not aware of it Mr. Therapist?


5. That's right, it's ALL about tricking men by makeup and laughing at their frustration when we show them our 'real face'!


6. “Women wearing makeup look really different than they actually are without it." Maybe because I don't spend all my money on cosmetics to look the f.cking same!


7. Yes, I spend so much money on something so arbitrary. But it shouldn't be any of your business, unless it's your money being spent!


8. "Guys don't like the girls who wear so much makeup." So what? (Looking for f.cks to give)


9. Yes I wake up everyday at 6am to do this makeup, just to please your sleepy eyes at 8.30 classes. Maybe next time, try not to watch porn after midnight so you can also wake up early.


10. "The beauty industry aims at nothing but taking every single dollar in women's pockets." Thank you captain obvious!


11. Of course you love girls who go with natural makeup! As always, your opinion is all that matters...


12. Women wearing makeup=ugly and desperate, only trying to impress guys. Couldn't be formulated better!


13. "If women spent only half the time time they waste doing makeup everyday on something actually useful..." said the man who saves the world in his free time.


14. No, I am not ill. Thanks for never failing to ask me same stupid question every f.cking day I don't wear makeup.


15. "Women objectify themselves by wearing makeup." So they deserve to get treated like one, if they wear any? Sounds like you just discovered the smartest argument justifying sexual harassment!


16. Yes, not only do we spend money on makeup, but also on cleaners to remove it at the end of the day. You must be an irony hunter!


17. "Do they look real to you?" No, I know it's just a lie and we're just pathological liars. Does it make you feel any better?

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