17 Social Curses "Bro-Chicks" Go Through!

> 17 Social Curses "Bro-Chicks" Go Through!

This is the tragedy of thousands of people all over the world, which goes on before our eyes, even at this very moment. Sounds like a compliment, a praise, or something to be proud of, but in fact it's a very heartbreaking status:

-Hey watch your language next to the lady!

-Who? Emily? Don't worry she is 'one of us' already, right Broette?


Poor Emily, obviuosly you are into one of the guys in the group. Just to be closer to him, you need to pretend to be one of them, embrace their rules and speak their 'bro' language. But don't you see you are slowly turning into a 'dude'? You think that the guy you like would be interested in a dude? Why do you let them call you 'one of us' just to be part of the team? You think it's cool to be dude?

Poor girl, I know the thoughts inside your head. I can hear your silent screams every time they put on a imaginary penis on your body and you pretend to be okay with it. I know that every time they call you 'one of us', something dies inside you, or a flower withers away. 

Don't do that, please don't let them fill testosterone in your body, don't be one of them, don't say 'bros before hoes' when they burp to your face. You are becoming a man!

1. They start calling you "dude", "broette" etc. instead of your name.

2. You can't help calling them back same way: These boys are now your BROs.

3. Your chances of getting a boyfriend drastically dropped down.

4. And rumors about you start spreading around.

5. Everyday you hear your stories with another guy.

6. Mentoring all the guys about girls start racking your brain all day.

7. And your bros think that no guy is good enough for you.

8. Since your feminine side is not welcome in the group, your testosterone level increases by time.

9. You start gaining weight, cause eating only salad is not acceptable anymore.

10. You realize that you take men's side when they complain about women.

11. You learn and use the swears and curses you've never heard before.

12. You eventually stop doing make-up cause you have enough of hearing "what did you do to your face?" every time.

13. They know your periods very well but just don't talk about it...

14. You turn into a spy telling men all the tricks and secrets about women.

15. Soon enough, you feel attracted to one of the guys in the group but you can't reveal it!

16. You become the best gamer in the group, defeat others in tournaments.

17. You have problem adjusting to girl talks, you can't find anything to talk with girls.

But you still miss doing some girly things...