17 Scientific Tricks To Make People Like You Even More!!

> 17 Scientific Tricks To Make People Like You Even More!!

Most of the relationships we encounter develop through time and we don't question how things happened the way they did. In reality, all of these relationships have a psychological background and science has a lot to explain on this matter! These useful tips will help you develop better relationships in no time!

1. Copy their actions.

In psychology, reflecting the moves and gestures of the person in front of you is defined as 'mirroring'. It is known to be a significant part of human communication. According to research done at New York University in 1999, if you mirror the body language and gestures of the person you're interacting with, they tend to like you even more.

2. Be around them.

Research shows that people find familiar faces more sympathetic than the rest of the people. In research done at MIT in the 1950's, people who sit closer in classrooms or do mutual projects have a tendency to become closer friends in time.

3. Compliment more often.

When you compliment people, they tend to believe that you carry the same features you included in your compliment. For example, if you've used the words 'generous' or 'honest' as a compliment, people tend to think that you are generous or honest as well.

4. Be positive!

Emotions are contagious, my friend! Whether you realize it or not, you're affected by the others' emotions, fears or excitements. When you become more positive, you'll see that everything goes much easier than ever!

5. Make mutual friends.

It is proven that people who share mutual friends can have more intimate relationships, compared to those who don't. According to research on the subject done at British Columbia College, people who have mutual friends on social media have a tendency to be closer friends in real life.

6. Don't exaggerate the compliments!

We previously mentioned that complimenting others can help you make closer bonds with them. However, it is important to keep things in balance. The explanation is simple. If you give compliments all the time, this might cause others to think that you are weird and incapable of making friends.

7. Be warm, but also be cool.

Social psychologist Susan Fiske states that people prioritize two things when they interact with others. Those two things are your social status and ability to communicate. Fiske goes on by saying that people who are considered to be successful are generally the ones who are more companionable and friendly.

8. Don't try to hide your flaws.

Sharing our mistakes and flaws can help us make stronger bonds with the people around us. However, this is only applicable if you are accepted as a successful person, as we've mentioned before. If you give the impression of being weak and fragile all the time, this might have a negative effect on other people, which can damage your relationships in the long run.

9. Use your similarities to your advantage.

9. Use your similarities to your advantage.

Famous psychologist Theodore Newcomb found that people tend to like people who share the same interests with them. Although it is commonly accepted that polar opposites attract each other, actually we like people who are just like us.

10. Touch them.

10. Touch them.

Small and friendly touches are known to increase the amount of sympathy you receive. This includes small gestures like friendly touching the arm or back. Again, it is very important to keep these gestures at a balance in order not to disturb the person in front of you.

11. Smile often!

100 college students are shown photos that exhibit different gestures of people. Results show that, whatever the body language indicates, smiling photos are found more sympathetic and adorable. Another study claims that if you smile when you meet a person for the first time, the chance of being remembered increases significantly.

12. Try to accept people the way they present themselves to you!

All of us are struggling to present ourselves in a way that we want to be seen. This is natural for people who are social animals. Research from Stanford University has shown that if you accept people in the way that they want to reflect themselves, they would like you more.

13. Share a secret with them.

This one trick is obligatory for creating profound relationships. If you are sharing a secret with a person, it shows that person is important to you. This strengthens the bonds between you and that person immediately.

14. Try to be positive about what you think about others.

This means that expecting bad things from others will only make you uncomfortable around them. Although you try to hide it, people can easily feel that you have concerns about their behavior. This can create negative effects on them. This is reason why you should adopt positive thoughts about the people around you.

15. Let others know that you like them.

If you like someone and want to get closer to them, it's not wrong to show them how you feel. Contrarily, this can help you. Psychologists have researched this subject and the results indicate that people tend to reflect the same emotions easily when they realize that a person is interested in them. This is not valid for romantic relationship, so keep in mind.

16. Let other people talk about themselves.

People always enjoy talking about themselves. A study done on this subject at Harvard University indicating that talking about oneself awakens the part of the brain where bodily pleasures are created. So what does this mean? When we talk about ourselves, we encounter a feeling like we've eaten something we like or we had sex. This is the reason why you should be respectful when someone is talking about themselves and be interested in what they are talking about.

17. Show your sense of humor.

In a recent study done at the University of California, it was proven that people pay attention to senses of humor in both romantic partners and friends. 'Sense of humor' is a relative concept. However, it is important to find the things that mutually amuse you and the person in front of you.


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