16 Things You Should NEVER EVER Say To A Woman!


Dear men, if you would like to stay alive, try to avoid using these words. True story...

1. “You don’t have to work if you don’t want to.”

So I’ll depend on you for the rest of my life? No, thanks.

2. “You look very beautiful today”

“So I wasn’t yesterday?!”

3. Asking a woman who didn’t put make up on if she’s sick.

Keep it to yourself.

4. “Did you gain a little weight?”

Biggest mistake ever.

5. “You look older”

Don’t say you thought she was 35 to a woman who's 27. Death warrant.

6. "That dress made you look a little fat."

You should never say this. Plus, when a woman asks if that dress made her look fat, just answer “No.”

7. Sentences starting with “My ex-girlfriend”

If you also try to compare them, you’re dead.

8. “Don’t think about those things”

“Who’s asking you?”

9. “Don’t get involved in man things”

“Want to get beaten up?”

10. “You never told me your friend was so beautiful”

“Want me to hook you guys up? WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??”

11. “Should we go shopping for me today?”

That shopping won’t be for you, you know that right?

12. “Baby, the credit card I gave you doesn’t have a limit, so if you could be a little careful…”

“Limitless? WOWOOOO”

13. “Adriana Lima is sooo hot”

She knows Adriana Lima is more beautiful than her, but still don’t say these kinds of things.

14. “You forgot to wax your face I guess”

No need to be rude.

15. “The food wasn’t that good today”

The answer “Eat shit then” is possible.

16. “Your hair was prettier before”

Nooooo!! She’s already regretting that haircut! Stoppppp!

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