15 Step Guide To Makeup For The Ultimate Lazy Girls!


These tips are for the ones who love a natural look!

1. Instead of applying foundation all over your face, use it only on your flaws.

2. Tired eyes? No problem. Get rid of them by applying concealer under your eyes.


3. If you have oily skin that has a shine problem, your savior is transparent powder!


Quickly apply transparent powder with a brush. No shine, no problem.

4. You don't have to contour your face every single day to have a healthy look. A blush is enough to do the trick.


5. So you don't want to deal with a liquid eyeliner?


Use a kohl pencil to define your eyes.

6. Even that is too much for you, skip eyeliner and use mascara to give volume to your eyelashes.


7. Use a lash curler to add dimension to your look, if you like.


8. You can make your eyes look larger by applying white eye shadow to the areas shown below.

9. Apply same eye shadow on your cheekbones to get a healthy glow.


10. If make up brushes are not your thing, try applying eye shadow with your fingers.


11. No need for a dozen of products to get that smokey eye.


Get your favorite eyeliner, apply it on your eyelids. Then smudge it until you get the look you want. Smokey eye made easy!

12. Forgot your blush?

Use your lip stick instead. Put on some lip stick on your cheeks and blend it in. There is a solution to every problem!

13. Last step: Lip stick! If you want a quick & easy solution choose nude colors. They are easy to use and because their color is close to your skin tone, they do not show flaws easily.


14. Before you pluck your eye brows, use an eye brow pencil to define them to make your life easier.

15. Use eye shadow to hide your roots when you don't have the time to go to the saloon.

Bonus: We couldn't stop talking about dry shampoo. Our holy savior!


Our advice: Try it for yourself!

Now, all you have to do is to smile! That is the best make up you can ever wear!

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