15 Inevitable Reactions Of Men Taken Shopping


Guys, we get that going shopping is a nightmare for you, but you also make it a hellish experience for the person you are accompanying. You keep on asking questions, disappear from time to time, interfere in things and complain non-stop. Can't you just play nice for a couple of hours? Maybe you will also have some fun once you let your bias go.

1. Dudes tend to ask "When will you be finished?" a little bit too often.

We arrived only ten minutes ago?!!

2. Men also don't generally want to go into underwear stores.

So it is quite possible that you will see multiple men lined up in front of such stores.

3. Some sulk as if they hate everything in and about their lives.

"I f*cking hate this!"

4. When asked about their opinion on a clothing item, they usually don't provide a good answer.

- I don't know.

- It isn't too bad.

- I have zero understanding of fashion.

- Do you really need that.

- Hmmm... Dunno.

- That one looks a little too much like.... 

5. They object to your purchase wishes by saying "You already have the same one at home."

You have that, and this, and those shoes, we bought the second one of that skirt last week.  You already have this, that and everything. Let's go!

6. They stand in front of the fitting room like a body guard and keep on pulling the curtain for the minimum amount of possible exposure.

- I wonder if anybody can see what's going on inside.

7. Taking up every opportunity to sit.

Not everything can be that comfy now, can it?

8. They don't recognize it when you leave the store because they are playing on their phones all the time.

And then the guilt trip "I go shopping with you and you just leave me in a random store? Thanks!"

9. If you have kids, they might lose or forget the child they have to keep an eye on.

It isn't a f*cking pen, it is a kid. How can you just say "you lost it?"

10. Focusing on something during shopping and observing it as if they were art critics.

This is a very striking piece.

11. Taking toilet breaks every half an hour and disappearing...

You might wanna get your prostate checked.

12. They form solidarity with the fellow males who suffer from the same thing and start complaining about shopping in a more united and social way.

- I think we have been here for two hours.

- It will be six hours for us in 10 minutes.

- God help us all.

13. Questioning the necessity of even the most necessary items

Yeah, I also don't see how a toilet can be 'necessary' either.

14. They b*tch about having to carry your bags and also don't let you carry them yourself.

That manly pride...

15. They start negotiating after shopping about the things they want to do - a way of compensating for the trauma of shopping.

- I will watch the game when we get home.

- We are going wherever I want to as soon as we are done here.

- I won't make it to the dinner with your friends tomorrow.

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