13 Useful Tips To Make Your Starbucks Experience Even Better!


If you’re bored of having the same drink everyday or want a different Starbucks experience, here are the hacks that you need in your life..

Let’s see the worldwide brand’s marketing techniques..

1. Iced teas are usually watered down; ask for no water to make the flavor stronger.

2. Chai Latte mystery.

If you don’t like the taste of the water in your chai latte, order a tea with a chai teabag. And ask them to add hot milk instead of water.

3. If you don’t want your drink to be super hot..

If you don’t want to burn your tongue, tell them that you want your drink at kid’s temperature; so you can freely enjoy your coffee.

4. Double shot, please!

If you don’t like the milk and coffee ratio of the iced latte, order a Doppio and a big cup. Add whichever type of milk you prefer and ask for ice.

5. Forget about ice and have more intense flavor.

Some coffees may taste different because of the water. If you want your coffee with better flavor, tell them you want your drink with no water.

6. To enjoy a ‘mug’ of coffee..

Why would you drink from a paper cup if you’re not taking your drink to go?

Tell them you want your coffee in a mug, baristas would be happy to help you.

7. Prefer espresso drinks like Americano to prevent it from going bitter.

8. If you’re on a diet but still want Frappucino…

If a Frappucino is too sweet for you, try this; tell them to add more milk instead of syrup.

9. If you like to share..

Order a venti coffee and ask for 2 cups; then share your coffee and save money at the same time!

10. Instead of asking for the same coffee every day..

Let your barista surprise you if you’re looking for a change.

11. If you want to sit down with your friend and enjoy your talk..

Order a French Press of coffee if you’re planning to spend some time at Starbucks.

12. Even though coffee and tea aren't so good for the kids..

They give kid size cups in some stores, that’s what we heard.

13. The most exciting part..

You can always check their website to learn more about unusual drinks. We had no idea that drinks like Ristretto Bianco and Caffe Misto existed, for example.

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