13 Upsides Of Dating A Mama's Boy


Forget about the bad connotations of the phrase 'mama's boy.' Don't imagine a guy who only cares about his mom and would put you after her. Don't run away from mama's boys. Contrarily, there are many valid reasons to get closer to them!

1. They don't avoid expressing their emotions.


Because that's the way they have been raised. Saying "I love you," hugging, etc. are normal for him. Wouldn't you like to be loved and to know that you are loved?

2. They cherish women.


They help and appreciate women and view them as more than a physical entity. Isn't that cool?

3. They care about what women say to them.


Wouldn't you like to know that you aren't just talking to the wall and that somebody actually listens to you and cares about what you are saying, and takes your words into account? Deciding on something together, discussing, a partner that actually accepts your ideas... It is no longer a dream; you have mama's boys!

4. They are the ones who know the value of being a good father most.


Who else, if not a guy who is close to his family and loves it? Isn't it relieving to know that your child will have a good dad and not have to worry about having kids?

5. They consider women to not be obedient but strong instead.


Their moms are their heroes. In their eyes, women are strong. And even if you aren't a strong woman, you will soon feel strong, thanks to the self-esteem they will give you.

6. He will feel utterly comfortable and at peace with you.

Because mama's boys enjoy having a woman's company. He spent his life this way before you came along. He won't act unnaturally around you. On the contrary, he will be himself.

7. Who will know the hardships of being a mom better than him?


He has observed his mom's life and challenges closely, and has been her confidant. You will understand this advantage once you, yourself, become a mother.  You will be surprised with how much easier he will make your life.

8. He not only knows the struggles of being a mother, but also being a woman, very well.


Imagine somebody who carries the burdens that you weren't even aware of, makes your life easier and reminds you of your womanhood... That's nobody other than a mama's boy.

9. A mama's boy has the minimum amount of bad friends and bad habits.


Because he has had a mother who always has had his back, supported him and helped him. A mother who wouldn't let him have bad friends or develop bad habits. You think his mom has always limited his freedom? You have definitely never been with a mama's boy!

10. Being a woman's hero is the dream of every mama's boy.


Be sure that the mama's boy that has always wanted to be his mother's hero, will do his best to be your hero. Doesn't just the idea of witnessing this effort put mama's boys one step ahead of the others?

11. He will be crazy for you and spending time with you.


A mama's boy is a man who will spend most of his time with you, run to you every chance that he has, and enjoy doing these. You will understand what it looks like when a man and a woman spend quality time together.

12. Fear not! You won't have to fight or compete with his mom.


The scariest misconception that is engraved in our minds is having to struggle with his mom. However, this happens rarely, and what you may have witnessed until now is purely exaggeration. For a mama's boy, there is nothing worse than his two favorite women being cross with each other. You can be sure that he will do his best to avoid this.

13. What about the mom?


Your man may love you a lot, but  how about his mom? What if she doesn't like you that much? What if she is too fond of her son and doesn't leave you two alone? But then why would a woman who loves her son so much do anything that would make him unhappy? Life isn't what you see in movies. You will be surprised once you see how wrong you are about mama's boys and their mothers in real life. Hear us out!

Bonus - He knows that he is a mama's boy.


You might think "So what? What does it do for me?" It means that he is at peace with himself and who he is, which automatically translates that he is honest. Let's go and find a mama's boy!

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