13 Things People Insist On Doing And We Still Don't Know Why!

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Stubborns will be stubborns. Ok we get it, you like sticking to your rules and everything you live by but enough is enough. We witness these situations in our daily lives and we can't understand why some people keep on insisting. Here are some of them...

1. Saying that there's empty space at the rear of the bus...

We strongly recommend that you pretend to have not heard them.

2. Claiming they have a beautiful voice.


It's a dangerous way of thinking. It can cause permanent health issues.

3. Saying it's not necessary to pay too much attention to work safety.


It's an extremely dangerous attitude. Turn a deaf ear to them!

4. Saying that they're in the hardest department.


We suggest you not make any comment on this topic. Play possum, and they'll go.

5. Giving directions like they know well. Believe us, they don't have a single clue.


But it's hard not to believe them when they're this confident.

6. Claiming that they have the best partner.

"Ohh, will ya look at how cute he/she is?"

7. Always telling how hobo they were in high school.


75% of the events they tell never happened, believe us.

8. Saying that they're the best driver ever.


"I've been driving since 12, bro!"

9. Saying that they're not drunk.

"No officer Mr. Alcohol!"

10. Saying that they have the best horoscope sign.


By the power vested in my by Nostradamus, I hereby declare Pisces the most fascinating sign.

11. Keep saying that they live in the coldest town on earth.


"You should see my hometown boy, the cold cuts like a knife."

12. Claiming the food was not chilly, a bit.


Why bother? If it's chilly it's chilly.

13. Claiming that he's good at repairing things.


As a result of this insistence, you can be sure there will be extra parts, unnecessary parts they claim.

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