13 Reasons Why Movie Addicts Are Ideal Partners!


In these times, it isn't very easy to find a person that you can have a great relationship with, or think "This is the one!" It is a miracle that two people, among billions, find each other and fall in love; but we can also create our own miracles.

1. They have a good eye for detail, even the smallest ones.

They will notice the tiniest change in your hair. They can see the missing part that you have been trying to find for days.

2. They can use different points of view.

They are pretty good at empathy. They tackle problems from different angles and keep their objectivity. If you have a cinema lover in your life, you must have uttered the sentence: "I haven't thought of it that way" at least once.

3. They are creative. They come up with the best ideas.

The bright kid at school, the genius of the business life, and the most sought person in friend groups are always cinema lovers.

4. They live every moment to the fullest.

They live every day as if it was their last, with passion and joy. For them, there is no time to waste. Life is awesome, even with all of its ups and downs.

5. They are fun. You never get bored around them.

Your stomach might hurt sometimes because of laughing, and sometimes you just watch stupid videos, but never get bored.

6. They always attract attention, everywhere they go.

The love for cinema has contributed to them a lot.  They always have interesting information and amazing stories to share with others, which makes them the center of attention.

7. They can find a way to make you smile, even at the darkest times.

After a hard day at work/school, while you expect more sh*t from life and are wondering what else might go wrong, they come to save you and take all your stress away.

8. They are practical. They can solve multiple problems at the same time.

Because of their cinema background, they have learned to see many things at once. Amazingly, they manage to find time to deal with everything.

9. You always learn something new from them.

Because cinema nurtures them in every way possible: literature, physic, or psychology. They share what they learn with you.

10. They have a great sense of humor.

They always come up with the best and smartest jokes. They don't put extra effort in being funny, because it is just the way they are.

11. They are romantic. They can surprise you anytime.

A romantic note at your door, flowers sent to your office, or two tickets for the concert that you want to go badly but can't find find tickets...

12. You can chat with them for hours without getting bored.

Because of their knowledge of so many different fields, you can have great conversations for hours and not even realize how the time has passed.

13. They have sharp and riveting tastes.

Their taste in movies reflects on their daily life, as well. The way they dress, wear their hair, and talk... Cinema lovers are easy to spot.

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