13 Annoying Things Guys Keep Doing!


According to men, what they have done is actually pretty normal and is no reason to get upset. Because they all think and say the same things, they want women to stay silent,  but it is impossible. Here are some examples of the things that men do and think are fine, but that drive women crazy.

If you want to add to this list, please leave a comment. And for the guys who say "Why don't you do a women version of this?", first get your own act together, and I will.

1. Looking at his phone non-stop during dates and then asking "What's wrong?"


Well it is OK. Chat with your mates, look at your tweets, stalk your ex while I am talking to you. Please, don't let me disturb you. But when I reply to you 1 minute late, please go crazy, because you are a man and men are too cool to wait.

2. Sitting with open legs and taking up enough space for three people

I think they are actually trying to impress us by sending the message: "My junk is too big for me to sit any other way." Because every girl just focuses on the front part of  the guys who sit like that and just fantasize about their super-sized awesome junk. Please stop this idiocy, because it only annoys us.

3. If it is a Sunday, that day all that is talked about or watched is football.


I have no idea who made this rule and why all women have to comply. They ask you what you are doing on this beautiful Sunday while you are watching a movie or series. You wonder what is special about Sunday, then regret asking when they start going on and on about the football games.

4. Trying to scientifically explain why they ejaculate in two minutes.


It is really OK that you ejaculate prematurely, everybody has problems from time to time; but don't humiliate yourself by trying to explain the science behind it. Just go with "It has happened for the first time/ It has been a while since I last had sex/ You turned me on too much" or something, but please don't use science for this trivial problem.

5. Forgetting the special days and trying to make these days unimportant.


If you forget it, just admit that you have screwed up and it will be fine. Please don't start with capitalism and all. Just say "I forgot and I am sorry" and we will be done with this thing. Why are you lying about your imbecility?

6. Looking at the boobs while talking


It doesn't matter if you are wearing something revealing or not. And once or twice is no problem, it is actually flattering. Looking at our boobs while we are not looking at you will go undetected, too. However looking at the boobs 7-10 times in a minute while we are trying to establish eye contact is just problematic. If you are trying to send a message with that, let me tell you; all the message that we receive is that you are a f*cking as*hole.

7. Comfortably evaluating other women's boobs and booties while there is a woman next to them


And their explanation is "But baby, I could have also done it secretly, and I am just talking about it, not doing anything else. I just wanted to be open with you and wanted you to see that it is meaningless for me." Well well, we know your potential as*hole powers, and we know more or less what you already do without us knowing. At least don't do it next to us. How would you like it if we went "Wow, check that guy out, his thing must be at least 12 inches!"

8. PS buddies that they invite for the date night

"So now I am not allowed to see my friends?" Yeah, that's exactly what we mean, not that you shouldn't do it on the date night, but that you aren't allowed to hang out with them at all. It is perfectly fine for me to serve you beer and chips while you game on our date night that was supposed to be romantic. I have a problem with it just because I am a woman, and that's a woman thing to do.

9. Their "ugh!" reaction as soon as a woman utters the word "period"


This is just a hormonal and normal thing that all women go through. You really shouldn't make it into a disgusting or a sick thing. Get used to it, we go through it every month and that is not something to be ashamed of or disgusted by!

10. Thinking diets are stupid and eating like an animal in front of the woman who is on a diet


You can of course eat whatever you want.  How unhealthy or stupidly you eat is your own problem. However it gets really annoying once guys start pissing you off or encourage you to stop your diet. You guys really don't have to commemorate our first ancestor in front of us.

11. The disease of having to order for the woman at a restaurant


They say it is a common courtesy thing that the guy orders for both parties at a restaurant. We will tell the waiter the same thing, and we definitely can order for ourselves. You don't want us to talk to the waiter? Are we somehow secretly flirting with them while ordering? What the f*ck is your problem????

12. Taking their GF to meet his family and leave her alone


It is a great idea to leave her alone with your aunts, parents and siblings so that they can get to know each other. You can just leave her and go to meet with your buddies. 

Whatever reason you have to think so, we reject it all!

13. Talking on and on and on about the Adriana Lima, Kate Upton, Scarlett Johansson trio


We just don't want to hear about it, just like you also wouldn't want to hear about our favorite guys trio.

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