13 Amazing Companies That Try To Make the World A Better Place!

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Not all companies do charity just because they want to look good. Some use their resources selflessly trying to help someone who needs it and they try to make the world a better place!

1. A Mexican company makes plastic cutlery and straws from avocado seeds that completely biodegrades in 240 days.

2. The Japanese company, Piala Inc. gives their non-smoking employees 6 additional vacation days to compensate for the time they work while their colleagues smoke.

3. This company is hiring homeless people to help get them back on their feet.

4. This company makes it easy to give their clothes to multiple kids.

5. This supermarket has a quiet hour for those who may need it.

6. The shop owners realized that people might steal things because they really need them.

7. This German hardware store asking dog owners to bring their dogs inside because it’s too hot in the cars

8. This shop is offering free bottled water due to the extreme heat in St. Louis. Good job, humans!

9. This no-waste shop in Scotland offers free school uniforms.

10. The Danish beer company, Carlsberg got new packaging in order to reduce the use of plastic — the cans are glued together and then supported by a single strip of plastic.

11. This Korean company has a giant sports center on their roof for the employees to stay healthy.

12. This recyclable laundry detergent even has bottles that are recyclable.

13. A small pizza place doing a big thing

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