These 35 Dad Jokes That Are So Painfully Bad They’re Actually HILARIOUS!


It is a thing: there really is something called a “dad joke” and it’s NEVER good. A good dad joke is always a bad joke. But sometimes they’re actually so hilarious that you forget about how cringeworthy it is for a minute and you, probably unintentionally, burst into laughter! So here are 35 of those jokes we found on Bored Panda.


1. "My dad just moved to Tokyo. I asked for a picture of the view from his apartment…"

2. “My dad was looking at me like this for like 5 minutes until I looked down at his plate.”

3. “My dad said my dog took over my room after I left for college. He sent me this…”

4. “My friend's dad is a dentist. This is his pumpkin for Halloween.”

5. “Never ask your dad to bring you stuff at school.”

6. “So my friend has her first driving lesson with her dad.”

7. “Was in my room studying when my dad sent me this photo.”

8. “My dad's proudest Christmas decoration.”

9. “My dad just sent me this with the caption "minotaur."

10. “My sister posted a picture to Facebook, my dad responded.”

11. “My dad made me earrings for my birthday.”

12. "I only want tiny pancakes today," troll dad obliges.

13. “My dad is building an outhouse. This is what he sends me…”

14. “How shopping with dad is better than shopping with mom.”

15. “Told my dad I was going flying, this is what he had to say about it.”

16. Dad humor!

17. "Found my dad playing pool like this."

18. “My dad just got his chest port for chemotherapy today. Here he is testing it out.”

19. “For a brief moment I thought my dad had gotten me an amazing christmas present…”

20. "Dad gave me an eye-pad as a gift this christmas. He thought it was so funny…"

21. "Should i be worried about my dad?"

22. "This is my dad. And those... Are my earrings."

23. "Shit my dad sends me now that he's discovered e-mail."

24. Dad: "I don't need the instructions."

25. "So my dad found my hair extensions…"

26. "My dad sent this pic to me."

27. "My husband is such a shit."

28. “My dad sent me this with the caption, ‘Police brutality is really getting out of hand. I wasn't doing anything!’”

29. "Troll dad level: awesome."

30. "The big girl is into pranks. Here's one for her."

31. "My dad (math teacher) sent me this with the caption, 'I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfuckine plane.'"

32. "My dad was best man in a wedding last night, he did a "shadow bomb" of the groom... Nice dad..."

33. "So my dad got us all new iPads for Christmas…"

34. "My dad sent me this picture from Guam."

35. "My dad sent me this along with 'Microsoft'"
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