Happiness In Intelligent People Is The Rarest Thing In The World and Here Is Why

etiket Happiness In Intelligent People Is The Rarest Thing In The World and Here Is Why

ezgi varli
March 23 2018 - 09:36am

Being intelligent is always exhausting, here is why...


It is known that loneliness, anger and depression are not lacking in the lives of people who are intelligent. Ernst Hemingway: “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”


It's not possible to not think about the daily situations in a deeper way. And that causes anxiety and depression.


When people around them are not bearing the same concerns as themselves, they prefer loneliness and have difficulties in sharing common things.


There is a burden on the shoulders of intelligent people, both because they are aware of their intelligence and because of the anticipation of the people around them. Many talented children are unfortunately under condemnation under this burden.


People with high intelligence live with a constant sense of worry. In a study conducted at a university in Canada, he found that students with high IQ felt more anxious during the day. Most of them were casual, ordinary problems.


Those who get high results in perceptual tests, i.e. those who use their intelligence more balanced, are less cruel to their own mistakes while easily detecting and criticizing others' flaws.


In one experiment, volunteers talked about various social dilemmas, and while people were discussing these issues, a group of psychologists had studied their tendency to take logic and prejudice. In this experiment, it was seen that high-score subjects enjoyed more than ever, were better in their relationships, and less anxious. These were generally thought to be possessed by people with high IQ levels.


There are very few people who can spend time without boredom. Moreover, if they are not interested in art or science, their loneliness will multiply. At the end of their loneliness, they either prefer death by suicide or they become suicidal.


Another disadvantage of being intelligent is that you can not approach yourself personally and without prejudice against the events related to yourself. It is difficult for a person who has endured his intelligence throughout his life to admit that this intelligence can propel him wrongly. Perhaps as Socrates said, 'I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.'.


Perhaps the most important disadvantage of being clever is to think too much. They look at the events from different angles, they catch the details that many cannot see. They try to cover up the dissatisfaction of the world with the utopia in their imaginations.


They are bored to death from the lethargic and diseased concept called life. Though they notice a lot of things to do around them, they can not find what they want to do. Even when they try to do it, they are blocked in some way by other people.


They are referred to as conspirators in society because of their ability to look at events from different perspectives, to analyze the course of events from every angle, and to outline the outcome of ordinary events. They are sometimes even described as paranoid.


Even if they never admit, they jealous of the happiness of regular people. Somehow they can not feel the feeling of satisfaction fully, so they can not find any cure that will heal their life.


In general, intelligent people tend to get connected to people who have little understanding because they can not be understood by most of the people.


They are generally lazy. They pay the price of being lazu in social life with the ability of understanding the insignificance of whether the situation is important or not.


'The intelligent man who is proud of his intelligence is like the condemned man whois proud of his large cell.' Einstein. Briefly, being intelligent is the most important obstacle ahead of you on your way to the serenity.


After a certain period of involvement, they start to get away from the concept of love. After a few relationships, the actual face of the opposite person starts to show, but because of excitement and goodwill, you will ignore it. Good intent suppresses the intelligence. However, even though you try not to see the ones, your awareness is always clear. Here's where the pain starts. Because after a while you start to blame yourself and think you're a delusional person. As a result you start to get away from the consept of love day by day.

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