You'll Love It! The Funniest Jokes In The World According To Quora!
A smile often shares more than 1000 words: Here is a glorious selection of good, sometimes bad, jokes to smile or to laugh heartily! In choosing the funniest jokes (according to Quora users), attention has been paid to quality to reach a certain level and to include only genuinely witty & astute jokes in this list.
15 Super Awkward After Sex Selfies That Will Make You Cringe!
It feels like privacy and discretion are merely the artifacts of the past lately. You may think we’re old-fashioned to think that the “after sex selfie” trend is just too much even for the digital age, but we guarantee you that you’ll find some of these photos cringeworthy too. Well, at least we can all agree that they’re all hilarious....
“Object Sexuality”: 15 People Who Married The Weirdest Things
Berlin Wall, Eiffel Tower, a pillow, these just a few of the many things that people on this list married. It sounds extremely bizarre, but it’s probably more common than you might think. “Object sexuality” is a syndrome that causes people to fall in love with objects and identify them as a gender, give them a name, and have what they believe is a fulfilling, loving, relationship with these items. Yes, you’ve heard that right, these 15 people didn’t marry these objects to look cool or to make the news; probably most of them actually fell in love with those things!
17 People Who Do Crazy, Dangerous And Stupid Things Just For Fun!
What do you do on the weekends? Shopping? Grabbing a beer with your pals? Think of the craziest thing you’ve ever done. We bet there’s no way you could ever beat these people, because, well, they’re either having some serious manic episodes, or they’re simply asking to die!
8 Absolutely Weirdest Public Toilets Around The World!
What do you expect from public toilets? Cleanliness and comfort? Probably like most of the people, you expect public toilets to be hygienic. Contrary to your modest expectations, some people turned public toilets into a design challenge. Here are the weirdest and quirkiest public toilets that feel like touristic attractions!🚽🚽🚽
Not Your Average Judge! Michael Cicconetti And His 11 Crazy Punishments
Looking at corpses, walking 30 miles and even dressing up as a chicken: The bizarre punishments handed out by one eccentric judge instead of jail - and he insists it works! Judge Michael Cicconetti offers 'personal' punishments that fit the crime. He made teen walk 30 miles for taking cab same distance without paying. Also ordered man who solicited a prostitute to dress up in a chicken suit. Let's see what else he did.
Oh It's On! Can You Spot What’s Wrong With These 10 Pictures?
This time we won’t be testing your math skills or ability to think outside the box, instead, let’s find out how strong your observation skills are! Each of these 10 pictures has one inaccuracy in them. You can see the answers by clicking on the blurred pictures below them.
A New Way Of Playing Hide And Seek: Where Is The Hidden Dildo?
A few years back, Dominyka Jurkštaitė, and some friends started a rather unique game called Subtle Dildo. The idea was simple, some guys hid a dildo in various pictures and it was your job to find it as quickly as possible. Think Where's Waldo, but for grown-ups.Well since then, they've created a whole bunch of new challenges, and with an Instagram following of over 32k, they're clearly popular among a niche crowd of dildo spotters. Feeling like you might rise to the challenge? Then check out the pictures below. Be warned's harder than it looks!If you want to check out more photos, you can follow then on their Instagram page.
All 50 States Summed Up By One Image Each!
The United States is a vast and diverse country, with each state having its own distinct personality.  Though it can be hard to put those personalities into words, a picture can speak volumes.  We've compiled a list of the states summed up in a single photo each.  Enjoy!
15 Hilariously Stupid Sex Stories That Will Make You Appreciate Your Sex Life!
In case you have doubts about how weird sex can get, we dare you to come up with even weirder stories than these, but you probably can’t and of course, that’s a good thing that you should be grateful for. Here are15 intensely embarrassing sex stories that will change your definition of “awkward sex.”
11 Strange But Sneaky Facts Your Physical Appearance Reveal About You!
Everybody judges. Within a few seconds of seeing someone — whether on a date or at the grocery store — we decide numerous things about them, from how smart they are to how likely they are to commit a crime. Surprisingly, our first impressions can be remarkably accurate in some instances. In others, they can be wildly off base.Here are a few of the things about people based on how they look.
Are You Smooth Enough? Try To Impress Mia On This Date Night Quiz If You Can ;)
Time to check out how smooth you are with this test. You haven't been with anyone in a long time and it looks like you're totally cool about it... But secretly you're fretting over it. Your buddy Manuel is aware of this so he's trying to match you with girls. His latest suitor is his good friend from school, Mia. You agree to go out with her and today's the day. You have Mia's number, now let's see if you can manage to stop being single by impressing her.
21 Sad Etsy Boyfriends Who Want To Be Literally Anywhere Else is long known as a clearing house where eclectic crafters can sell their knit, painted, and hot-glued odds and ends. BUT, it is also full of the sad faces of boyfriends forced to model their girlfriends' wares. While wearing silly hats, shirts, and scarves, these men seem to be crying hard inside!
28 Men That Prove Beards Are Not Always So Sexy!
Recently, there is this beard thing going on. Guys let their beards grow like crazy. The hot guys, who actually do look good with a beard, that we see all over are to blame. However, please stop thinking that every single man would look good, masculine and attractive with a beard. It is not everybody's thing to pull off.
Small Boob Problems: 15 Struggles All Flat-Chested Girls Understand!
People with big boobs always complain about how they have a hard time finding an outfit that fits, or their struggles while working out, or their back pains... The list goes on. This time let’s hear the other side of the story. Here are 21 things you can’t get away with when you have small boobs!
12 Hilarious Porn Clichés That Are Very Unlikely To Happen In Real Life
As one redditor once said, if the real world were anything like porn, inheritance law would be a nightmare, STDs would have evolved intelligence by now, in short, everything would get a lot messier in every sense. We’ve gathered 12 porn movie cliches for you. Enjoy without thinking too much.
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