17 Awkward Sex Stories That Will Make You Blush And Burst Out Loud!

etiket 17 Awkward Sex Stories That Will Make You Blush And Burst Out Loud!

October 28 2018 - 12:01pm

Not all sex stories are concluded lovely. Sometimes people can come through blush-inducing and shamelessly ridiculous sexual escapades! Here are the most embarrassing sex fails that you cannot believe your eyes!


1. Big brother is watching you!

Was house sitting for a couple in my congregation and I had my boyfriend come over. We got busy in the living room a few times that weekend. It wasn’t until after I left that they told me they had security cameras all over the house. Never asked if they saw anything but I also didn't want to know.

2. Can't imagine the pain...

I tried sucking on my ex boyfriend’s balls and accidentally bit them. Oh well.

3. Faster than the Flash!

This security guy I met at a club was cute so I invited him to my place. We were in my bed about to get it on and he took out a Magnum. Three pumps later, he got up and I asked what was wrong, and he said the condom broke. I got the condom and did the water test and I saw that it wasn't broken, he had just nutted way too quick.

4. Hot but wild!

I hooked up with a guy I’ve known for years through mutual friends. He was tall and super hot so I was really excited about having sex with him until he started grunting and growling really loudly like a wild animal.

5. The nipple incident

I went on a date with someone I met through a dating app and we hit it off instantly! After bar hopping, good conversation, and some physical chemistry, we decided to go back to his place. We began to hook up and it started to get intense, so intense he ripped off my nipple ring without me even realizing it in the moment. Afterwards, I looked down at his bedsheets to see them completely soaked in blood. Still not 100% sure what happened, I looked down to see my nipple literally spewing blood and my nipple ring no where to be found!

6. Emergency!

The first time I tried anal sex with my ex, I underestimated how much lube we would need. At first there wasn't much discomfort, but then it started to hurt. When she pulled out (we were using a strap on) there was a lot of blood. It wasn't painful, but as soon as I saw it I freaked out and demanded to be driven to the emergency room. I stood in the waiting room for over two hours in nothing but an oversized T-shirt and two pairs of underwear.

7. The last tampon bender!

I was dating this guy, and we were in bed, and I said I was on my period. He said he didn’t care, so I said I was going to the bathroom to 'remove something from somewhere.' He said, 'Don’t worry, I know how those work, I have 3 sisters.' He then PULLED OUT my tampon, and threw it.

8. Bloody one!

My boyfriend and I were getting into it on the couch, and I was in the middle of a very intense blow job. I felt snot coming out of my nose, but I ignored it and kept going. When we both looked, we realized I had gotten a nose bleed all over his dick.

9. Never hooked up with a neighbour!

When I was younger, the guy I was dating and I decided to go into a house that was next door to mine (my family owned both houses). We started getting hot and heavy on the kitchen counter when I heard a loud yell. I looked into the side door entry way and my mother and sister were standing there eyes wide open. I was mortified.

10. Such a mess...

So my boyfriend and I were at his house having sex when his cat jumps up on the bed and starts heaving like he's gonna barf. My boyfriend pulls out, starts yelling at the cat in Spanish, and tries to grab him before he barfs. But the cat gets away and throws up everywhere — on me, my boyfriend, the bedspread, and one of the pillows.

11. Poor guy

One night on spring break I went out with my roommate, her boyfriend, and his best friend. Long story short, I went home with the best friend and we were making out when I realized I had to throw up. I tried to throw up for 30 minutes but nothing was happening and I knew I wouldn’t feel better until I did. So my date proposes that I give a blow job 'just so I can feel better' and that 'his huge package' will definitely help me throw up. And low and behold he was right. Poor guy didn’t think it through though and I threw up all over him and his buddy.

12. Like a murder scene

My first time having sex, I knew that I was going to bleed, but I also came on my period. It was a lot of blood — I stained his mattress and had the worst cramps for a week.

13. Right on!

Was going down on my ex bf and I gagged, which for some reason caused me to pee on his carpet.

14. The head stare

My boyfriend slept in the living room, but it was okay because his family had a sliding door that separated the bedrooms from the living room. The first time he went down on me, his sister walked in and that was also the second time I had ever met her. Been about a year and a half, and I still can’t quite look her in the eye.

15. Shitty shit!

While I was getting it from behind, the guy was standing while I was on all fours at the edge of the bed. Mid thrust, he ended up stepping in his dog’s shit.

16. Breast milk!

About two months after having our first kid, my husband and I are getting it on. I’m on top and am really into it. As I am getting off, my husband grabs the blanket and covers my chest! I’m thinking for some reason he’s not into looking at me anymore (which made me sad), but no. My orgasm triggered my let down reflex and I was literally spraying him with breast milk. Definitely didn’t know that was a thing until then.

17. Ass naked!

Once we were staying with my in-laws for a couple of weeks due to work being done on our home. The spare bedroom we were in didn't have a lock on the door and at the time, my mother-in-law was having some anxiety due to a license renewal test for her job. At 2:00 A.M, we're thinking it was safe to get it on, and in busts my mother-in-law with a full-blown anxiety attack. Everyone is in our room and I'm butt-ass naked under only a sheet.

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