12 Stereotype Guys Despised By Other Guys!


We searched and found the most annoying types of guys that other guys find extremely irritating.

1. The guy that gives better gifts to a random girl than to his girlfriend

There is absolutely no way to deal with this one. You can say "what’s wrong with giving a nice gift to a friend?"  And most of you asking this are girls... we know that. A LOT is wrong with this. No girl enjoys a boyfriend who buys another girl a gift, especially if it overshadows her own gift. Most of the time, she suspects that the guy is secretly flirting, or even hitting on the other girl. 99.8% of the time she is right. No guy can really buy an innocent and better gift for another girl, unless he has secret feelings. This is a well known fact. 

Again, I hear the girls saying ‘Maybe he didn’t know what gift the other girl got, so maybe he bought something this expensive.’ Look, no! Imagine a guy who pays at least a grand to get this present, even if he’d end up eating frozen burgers the whole month. We can approach him in two different ways: 

One, you sit down and have a talk with this guy. The guy denies, tells the girlfriend, the girlfriend flips out, gets angry at you, blames you for being a bitch, but you try and tell her that the guy is the problem and then you and the girlfriend start fighting while the guy makes popcorn. In the end, the couple breaks up and everyone ends up being hurt.

Two, you remain calm, and let the guy keep digging himself through the crack he thought he opened. Since you didn’t say anything at first, you’ll always be left behind on things. One thing leads to another and the other girl breaks up with her boyfriend to be with this douche. There is no way you can keep your girlfriend when you're against a douche like this. 

This, my friends, is what some girls might want you to think, but don’t be fooled. Once you figure out something like this, corner this fool and call us if you need more manpower!

2. The guy who approaches you and says ‘Be nice to this girl or you’ll face me.’

Usually this guy is an old friend of your girlfriend; maybe from high- or even mid-school. They always stand up against you no matter what and act like a brother. Every time you three are hanging out, he always has that ‘I was here before you, act properly’ vibe, which is annoying. He constantly tries to warn you, get your attention or criticize you. 

We don’t know if he’s trying to win your girlfriend’s heart or if he's reminding her that if you two break up, he will be there. But, your girlfriend will like what he’s doing for sure. This is why you have to try and be cool with him when he’s around. No need for drama and telling him to mind his own business, because in such case, all the points will go to him. Be cool, act cool, and survive. 

Later on, start talking behind his back to your girlfriend. But, very carefully, like she would never even realize your goal. Keep in mind that she is the one to keep this guy out of the relationship. If you try to kick him out, things will go bad. Patience my friends, patience…

3. The guy your girlfriend asks for his opinion constantly

Every guy has that female friend that goes to them when they are buying a present for someone. This might the bestie of your girlfriend, or another friend you don’t want your GF to find out about. In any case, the same applies to her, too. They always go to this guy when they want opinions. 

If this is someone from your own friends, you don’t have to worry. However, if this guy had been friends with your GF for a while, they are tough odds, indeed. Because, unlike girls, this guy is constantly trying to push you out. Regardless of his feelings towards your GF, these dudes just don’t want you to be with her. He may look like it, but he's certainly faking it. They plague her mind constantly with ‘Oh of course you know, better. After all, I don’t know Jason as good as you do, right?’

If there is a platonic thing going on, you are certainly doomed. He will do anything he can, knowing he can never be with your GF. With his senseless choices, advice and constant criticizing, he constantly badmouths you but still says ‘Don’t upset Jason!’ The main idea behind this is that when you say something about him, your GF would back him up against you. Sneaky sneaky…

Sadly, it’s hard to get rid of this guy. Attacking or badmouthing him is NOT a solution at all, we guarantee. These choices will only lead to your GF supporting him more and more. You need to remain calm and act like you care about his opinions. If your GF praises him, you praise him more, and even go run something by him. It won’t take long for her to lose interest in this guy if you keep complimenting him, trust us. Girls tend to remove mutual friends because they don’t want certain things spread. Phew!

4. The guy your girlfriend always defends: ‘But he is not like that!’

Well we’re not going to spend time explaining who ‘he’ is here. We’re sure every guy knows who that guy she looks up to is by now. The guy that sends your GF ‘What’s up?’ messages in the middle of the night and gets her thoughtful presents. Your GF shares everything about you with him. We are talking about the spies who act like they offer a shoulder to cry on or offer guidance every time. 

It’s almost impossible to make your GF believe this douche means harm. She will always tell you ‘No, he’s not like that, believe me.’ You’ll spend your days explaining this, but one way or another, these guys will try to kiss her at the movies or some place else. Only then will they realize they meant harm. Sometimes they don’t understand even then. They say ‘Oh, he only expressed his love in a bad way, it happens.’ Seriously, he tried to go all over your lower lip, what expression are you even talking about? What do they even see in these guys so much that they are afraid of losing them? 

Then what’s the solution? Even we don’t know how to fight with guys like these. They orchestrate master plans and strategies. If you do find a way, let us know. 

- Honey he’s not like that. 

- Like what?

- Like what you think. In love with me or thinking of me or having secret plans for me. 

- Didn’t you say he cupped your ass? 

- No cupping honey, he just touched accidentally. 

- Seriously? I see 5 massive fingerprints on your ass what kind of an accident is this? 

- Not an accident like that. 

- …

- It’s not, it’s noooooot!

5. The one that secretly loves her, but keeps it low-key

This type, the all-time favorite of women, is constantly praised and is the one that loves them, but never expresses it directly. They show their affection with their acts and gestures. Whenever there is a meeting between other married couples where girls and guys are the subject, this guy is always on the menu. ‘I know he never tells me he loves me but he loves me from deep down.’ 

Think about it: You are a caring, loving partner who helps with pretty much anything. Bills, errands, cleaning, maybe even cooking. But you are never as precious as the other guy who remembers the shoe she adored back from years ago and buys them for her. He gets all the credit because he expresses his love this way, but while you express it almost every day, you are still worthless. Do we all have to do this kind of crap just to make you feel loved?

We have all been in relationships, and we are all thoughtful people. But, we never have been on the same level with the guy who buys his partner a box of chocolates on his way home from gym just because she loves him. Moral of the story? Do not buy them what they wished for immediately. Make them wait and wait and surprise them big after a long while. Pshhhh

6. The ‘only he truly gets me’ guy

This guy can replace you all of a sudden, and maybe earn your place with a simple move, but you won’t even realize it! You will never know what he does so good to get your GF’s love. We believe he approves every single thing she says while giving her the answers she looks for. Maybe he has a secret book for all the tricks, we still don’t know. If he doesn’t, and if he really is a great ‘friend,’ we bow down with respect, but sadly, in most cases, he’s not. They are usually just proceeding with their master plan. 

Start acting quickly and be the guy that gets your GF the most. If not…

7. The guy that waits in front of the changing rooms and delightfully comments on the clothes his GF tries on.

This immediately makes you look like a jerk no matter what. He is probably always the ‘perfect guy’ that every other girl talks about, and acts the way girls want but guys hate. It’s not possible for guys to like another guy like this because he just crushes everything you’ve built for years, and then gains instant trust and approval. It must be pointed out that he’s into fashion, or else he has to go. If he’s also saying ‘I think it’s very lovely that a boyfriend accompanies his GF shopping and helps her pick out clothes’ when complimented, the dude really needs to go. 

Just get rid of him ASAP.

8. The guy accepting all the things his GF wants to change about him

It’s a global truth that every woman wants to change the man in her life, bit by bit. In essence, guys want this too, but they are too afraid to express it. We’re talking about women though, so we all know they tend to be more direct and talkative. At this very moment, a clash begins. Girls want change and guys want to remain same. What if a guy stops resisting and decides to change? It’s like getting stabbed in the back, or an enemy infiltrating the base. You try and try and then some dude comes along, showing that change is possible. There you go, all your efforts are now in ruins. 

NOT nice at all, guys, not nice!

9. The guy who lives his life exactly the way he planned when he was 17.

It indicates that this guy is either extremely lucky, or a master planner. Imagine a 17 year old saying 'I’ll study engineering in college, finish when I’m 22, get an MA abroad, marry a well established girl when I’m back, have two kids by the time I’m 29 and buy my car, house, summer house before I’m 30.' And he actually does all of this before he’s 30. What a freak! 

For example, I look back to my plans from those days and see that I've only managed to accomplish staying alive so far. This is why we get mad at these types. A perfect plan indeed!

10. Full of surprises guy

While you forget her birthday, this guy surprises his GF 200 days a year, perfectly impressing her and winning her heart. This guy is a bad example for sure.  We come across this one-in-a-million type and yet still your GF will bring him up, as if all other guys are like him. Even if you buy her a diamond ring the size of your fist on her birthday, the other guy's surprises all the time means he will always be the better guy. He’s thoughtful and you are not. 

The solution is simple. Keep saying ‘He obviously cheats.’ You won’t believe the effects! (keep cool, keep sinister!)

11. The guy that acts completely different around women

So sneaky…When out with guys, he acts like he’s from the stone age, but when a girl walks in, he’s Prince Charming. All of a sudden, he acts like some sort of Italian gentleman. Seriously, dude. You were lining up dirty jokes and swearing seconds ago, and after she walks in, you are George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman. With you, he talks about getting wasted, playing video games, gambling and all the other ‘guy’ stuff, but with her, all he talks about is the latest romantic movie or the beautiful art exhibition. You wouldn’t even love him if he was your son; why would you even? Two-faced scumbag!

12. The jumpy one who says ‘I think I’m falling for her’ before you do. -.-

First things first... There’s a global bro-code. No dating or flirting with a girl your bro dated and broke up with. She’s family until eternity. Don’t be that jerk. If you do, get ready to either remove your bro from your life, remove the girl, or leave the group and find others to hang out with.

Like the situation above, there are these guys who ask her out, or says he likes her just at the time you were thinking of being with her. Bam! Cockblocked by (maybe) minutes. Now, she’s your sister and you hate your bro. Maybe they don’t even stand a chance together; maybe it’s just a fling or they just wanted to give a go, but what’s done is done. He ruined your progress and earned your hate for sure. 

From this point on, if you say ‘I was into her for a while now,’ you are the jerk who hits on your bro’s GF. That small delay in expressing your feelings has now caused you a whole a lot of trouble. No point in ‘If you love her, I think you should tell her, bro’ advice. That girl will remain, in history, as someone you fancied but could not get. 

What do we do then? Act even quicker yourself!

Bonus round: We give you the guy who knows the best of everything.

Read this book or see this movie with her for sure; don’t drink that, it’s crap. Drink this instead. Try blue; red is not your color, man. Go see Prague, go to that fancy street with her, take her to that restaurant and tell her all these stories…Bit by bit, eating your brain out, secretly meaning that you know nothing and do nothing right, these guys are really the ultimate jerks.  

They never like the place you ALL agreed to go, and instead offers some place else and drags you to this hell hole. No one is pleased but him. All of the city admires his knowledge and choices. Why are we even friends with him? Get out!

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