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Netflix Announces 'Avatar: The Last Air Bender' Live Action
This week, Netflix unveiled the complete cast roster for their upcoming live-action rendition of Avatar: The Last Airbender in addition to new trailers and sneak peeks for shows including Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte, and You series 4.The cast news comes after Netflix's virtual fan event, TUDUM, which took place over the weekend, and as the streaming giant continues to reveal new details about upcoming projects.
Where is Chris Watts Now?: The Man Who Murdered His Wife and Children
An edge-of-your-seat event in Netflix's horrifying true crime documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door exposes how murderer Chris Watts' neighbor assisted to uncover his violent crimes.In 2018, Watts, a resident of Frederick, Colorado, brutally killed his wife Shanann, 34, and their two daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.At first, Watts insisted on his innocence, saying that his family had mysteriously disappeared. However, CCTV footage obtained from his neighbor showed that Watts' story had much more going for it.
Why did Netflix Remove LGBTQ Tag on "Dahmer" Series?
Dahmer, also known as Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, is expected to be one of Netflix's most popular programs of the year. It's the most watched series debut since Stranger Things season 4 earlier this year, and it's already the top show on the service in dozens of nations.However, given how the real-life serial killer is portrayed in the show, Netflix keeps encountering disputes after disputes. If you've seen the show, I don't think it's possible to claim that it 'glorifies' Dahmer in any manner, but the problems with it originate from how Netflix has characterized it and the fact that it was produced in the first place.
17 Main Traits Of People Who Succeed With No Effort!
You know the type. They sit at the back of the classroom. They don't seem to not care about the class at all but when it’s time for testing, they get the highest scores.Later at work life they attend meetings with no interest and keep themselves busy scribbling on paper but at the end of the meeting they come up with the best idea. Don Draper, is that you?Yeap. We know them. We hate them. Yet still we made a list to get them know better.
15 Before & After Pictures Showing The Power of Photoshop
Adobe's Photoshop changed the whole world, that's for sure. Nowadays we are all editing our photos. This editing might be removing some unwanted details or applying some filters. But when professionals take the scene with editing awesomeness happens. Here is 15 examples for you.
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