Top 10 Countries With The Most Engineering Graduates!

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As everyone knows, the key to progress in the world is technology and using this technology in production. The products that are produced with high technology determines the countries' place in the world economy and the people of these countries live in prosperity. In this sense, countries investing in engineering and education about engineering is the main point of their welfare. The countries which understood this problem and are on the verge of solving it are the countries that invest most in engineering education. Let's take a look at countries that produce the most graduates of engineering.

1. Russian Federation

Russian Federation produces over 450,000 engineer graduates every year. The most popular engineering branches are construction, petrol, and machinery engineering. Bachelor of Engineering makes up 24% of all graduates, which is really high. We can say that Russia's firm progress in the economy recently finds its roots here.

2. The United States of America

About 240,000 United States engineering students graduate each year. Because America's education system and universities provide the best education, it can be separated from other countries but because basic sciences and other fields are so vast, Bachelor of Engineering graduates only make up 6.5% of the total graduates.

3. Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran's produces about 230,000 graduates of engineering yearly. The reason for Iran's nuclear development and the rise in the industry is the improvements they have made in engineering education. Good universities are being opened every day and the graduates from those schools want to move the country forward. Bachelor of Engineering graduates makes up 40% of the total graduates.

4. Japan

Japan being in the top ten is expected. Japanese engineers especially want to make every day life easier and they have a great infrastructure for that. Japan's yearly graduates in engineering is about 165,000 per year and their most popular fields are electronics and related robot making. Bachelor of Engineering make up 17%of the total graduates.

5. People's Republic of Korea

We can learn a lot from looking into Korea's development. The education policy they followed lies behind their success. They improved production and technology, and their total graduates in engineering is about 165,000. Bachelor of Engineering makes up 24% of the total graduates.

6. Indonesia

Indonesia has a really high population and they have a striking development in the last few years. 140,000 new graduates in engineering start their work's life every year. With this new working force, the economy of the country is getting better every day. Bachelor of Engineering makes up 9% of the total graduates.

7. Ukraine

Ukraine has a background of good education left from the Soviet Union and this effects the country's current situation. As a result of the 130,000 new graduates in engineering, production in agriculture, metal, and other industrial areas are always progressing. Bachelor of Engineering makes up 20% of Ukraine's total graduates.

8. Mexico

Mexico is one of the most important countries in the world economy. They are among the most important economies with the added-value they create in petrol and automotive fields. Of course, they have to have an education policy while doing so and they do. There are 110,000 new graduates in engineering every year and they make up 21% of the total graduates.

9. France

France is one of the most important countries in Europe with their aviation, defense, automotive, and agricultural industries. We have to take a look at their education system to understand how they have reached this position. France's education system produces 105,000 new engineering graduates per year and this brings production with itself. Bachelor in Engineering makes up 15% of the total graduates and this number helps the economy a lot.

10. Vietnam

According to most experts, the most dramatic change in the global economy and prosperity takes place in Vietnam. Vietnam has a huge potential and they divert this potential to education. It's easy to see they will have a bigger saying in the world in the future. They have 100,000 new graduates in engineering who are added to their workforce each year. We used to hear of their success in textile and other related fields, but now they've made huge progress in technology as well. Bachelor in Engineering makes up 22% of the total graduates.

China and India

Both of these countries play a major role in the world economy. But, since they don't share their data with the outside world, we have no records of how many engineering graduates they produce each year. But everyone is well aware what these two countries are capable of and have guesses where they would be on the list.

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