Netflix Releases British Psychological Drama ‘The Strays’: Is it Worth Watching?

etiket Netflix Releases British Psychological Drama ‘The Strays’: Is it Worth Watching?

Pauline Nicole Sael
February 06 2023 - 06:40pm

Imagine achieving your goal after working at it all your life. You have a wonderful family, a lovely home in a peaceful neighborhood, a successful and happy work, and the rest of your life to live. Imagine then that you start to notice individuals watching you one day. 

They aren't folks you know or have even seen before that particular time. But after that, you constantly run across them–standing, looking, and possibly waiting. It is an utterly unwanted interruption to the surface-level perfection you worked so hard for, which causes the discomfort and paranoia to start to take hold. 

How would you respond? What would you do?

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The Strays, one of Netflix's newest original movies, is based on this idea. This new British drama and psychological thriller set in the present, looks to explore status, luxury, and what might happen when meticulously planned and seemingly ideal life plans are abruptly overridden by external forces that may or may not be motivated by malice or ill will. 

Here is everything we currently know about the upcoming Netflix movie The Strays.

The Strays Official Trailer and Synopsis

The Strays Official Trailer and Synopsis

If you look through the trailer for this brand-new thriller, which will be available on Netflix this month, it brilliantly captures the disturbing sense of dread that occasionally comes with what some people might consider to be a perfect, cookie-cutter suburban life. 

Neve, the primary character, appears to be totally pleased and cheerful in the first scene. She happily works as a teacher at a local private school while living with her family in a lovely home in a peaceful suburb. She quickly realizes that a man and a woman she doesn't know are observing her, and that initially flawless facade starts to fall apart.

She observes them monitoring her, but she also starts to notice their appearance in unexpected and haphazard places throughout her daily activities. Neve begins to feel a little bit out of her head as this keeps happening. When she sees this guy and lady, she tries to point them out to her friends and family, but they all look at her suspiciously because they haven't had the same experience.

Neve's mental health starts to rapidly deteriorate as the frequency of sightings of the man and lady rises. Neve struggles to keep control of the world she has so painstakingly and precisely created for herself because they are unsure of who they are, where they came from, or even what they want.

IMDB Official Synopsis:

Neve, who leads an idyllic life in the suburbs with her loving family, and works a fulfilling job at a private school. But when she begins to notice a strange man and woman appear unexpectedly at odd moments, she starts to doubt her sanity. Of course, she turns to her family and friends for assistance, but Neve is helpless when they hesitate to believe her.

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The Strays Cast and Crew

The Strays Cast and Crew

The cast of a lot of the original programming from different streaming services consists of actors who may not be as well known as some of their big-screen counterparts but are frequently just as good as those we see in mainstream television programmes or blockbuster movies.

Here's The Strays' whole cast listed in STARmeter order on IMDb:

  • Ashley Madekwe (County Lines) as Neve

  • Justin Salinger (Enduring Love)

  • Michael Warburton (SuperBob) as Kenneth

  • Caroline Martin (Happy-Go-Lucky) as Jessie

  • Bukky Bakray (Rocks) as Dione

  • Maria Almeida (Pretty Red Dress) as Mary

  • Samuel Paul Small (Game of Thrones) as Sebastian

  • Alfredo Tavares (Blackmail) as Smart Customer

  • Jordan Myrie (Dancing in the Dark) as Carl

  • Izzy Billingham as Emily

  • Vanessa Bailey (The First Team) as Elle

  • George Greenland (Eastenders) as Delivery Guy

  • Jordan Bailey (Cookster: The Darkest Days) as Student

  • Ruby Lethbridge as School Pupil

Nathaniel Martello-White is the film's writer and director. Rob Watson (The Power), Valentina Brazzini (45 Years), Tristan Goligher (Weekend), and Martello-White himself serve as producers for The Strays. This film has incredible potential for success given the cumulative list of nominations and awards from its filmmakers and producers.

The Strays will be available on Netflix on February 22, 2023. Are you excited about this new film? Let us know in the comments!

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