23 Random Things Your Brain Will Recognize As Eyes!


 Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something while none actually exists. Basically, it's seeing something familiar in random objects. Our brains create wonders in recognizing faces. That's why we see faces on random objects. We made a list of 23 random things that look like eyes, thanks to our brain. 👀

1. Almost like a painting.

2. Helix Nebula, the eye of the universe.

3. Tropical fruits named Guarana.

4. Real life Ents of Lord of The Rings.

5. Looks very scared.

6. Issyk-Kul Lake of Kyrgyzstan.

7. This house, who had enough.


8. These fishes, which evolved to scare off the predators with an eye-looking dot.

9. A fruit called Longan that doesn't look very delicious.

10. A volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean.

11. A building that can kick you out any second.

12. The Eye Of Jupiter where hurricanes go wild.


13. An awarded picture with very good timing.

14. Mother nature that looks like a watery eye.

15. Sauron on the floor?

16. A desert in Iran.

17. God watching people in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan.

18. A frozen pool.


19. This shadow that will scare the shit out of you at night.

20. Gorgeous feathers of peacocks.


21. This picture, with an impressive technique.


22. Wings of a butterfly.


23. This sink. Yeah you read it right, a sink.

It looks so much like feline eyes.

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