Woman Buried With A Huge iPhone Gravestone And Her Picture As A Screensaver!


A 25-year-old woman had a massive iPhone headstone placed over her grave. The unusual 5ft tombstone was put up over Rita Shameeva's burial ceremony in Russia cemetery.

Source: http://www.ladbible.com/news/news-huge-i...

Rita Shameeva died in January 2016.

It is believed to have been put up by her father Rais Shameev long after she died, but he has not commented on the subject.

The authentic tombstone includes all features you'd expect from an iPhone; home and volume buttons, a camera, and even an Apple logo on the back.

But the most eye-catching part of the memorial, without question, is the full size photograph of Rita emblazoned across the front of the stone.

Needless to say, mourners at the cemetery in Ufa were stunned when they spotted the huge iPhone while they were paying their respects to loved ones.

Nikolay Yevdokimov told newspaper ProUral: "I thought I was having hallucinations. How could an American smartphone suddenly appear at our cemetery? And such a huge one. I came closer and was surprised. I've seen many gravestones, but to make one in the form of iPhone - this is the first time, to be honest. It was made for a young woman from black basalt most likely. Very unusual."

Rita's father has not commented on the tombstone and local craftsman Ilgam Galliulin denied he was responsible for its design.

He said: "My father and I make monuments to order, but I saw this unusual one for the first time last week."

According to reports, the grave is believed to have been commissioned from a Siberian company which offers "death accessories".

Designer Pavel Kalyuk built a similar headstone as an advertising gimmick. He said: "We began to make monuments just to attract attention."

However, after he showed his designs at a funeral exhibition in Novosibirsk, he began to receive some bizarre orders.

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