Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2016 Finalists!


The 52nd annual 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' (WPY) competition has recently released 2016's finalists. These photos prove different colours of the nature is amazing and always inspiring! 

***This article was originally published on boredpanda.

10. Golden Relic By Dhyey Shah, India

9. Collective Courtship by Scott Portelli, Australia

8. Blast Furnace by Alexandre Hec, France

7. Termite Tossing by Willem Kruger, South Africa

6. Crystal Precision By Mario Cea, Spain

5. Playing Pangoline by Lance Van De Vyver, New Zealand/South Africa

4. The Disappearing Fish by Iago Leonardo, Spain

3. The Nosy Neighbor by Sam Hobson, UK

2. Swarming Under the Stars by Imre Potyo, Hungary

1. Splitting The Catch by Audun Rikardsen, Norway

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