What Were They Thinking? 30 Bizarre Pictures Taken By Real Estates Agents Proves That They Are Terrible At Their Jobs


They didn't even bothered. No wonder if they could sell even a one house.

Source: https://www.boredpanda.com/terrible-real...

1. An actual pig, really?

2. Use you empty spaces with DIY toilet garden.

3. Oh, I forget to mow the pool.

4. That looks like an opening scene from every horror movie.

5. Is that a sign?

6. Let’s be optimistic. Perhaps it says "Surprise my coconut".

7. You're grand-child will be born before you make it to the sofa but at least it's there right?

8. Which one is opening to the Narnia?

9. For those who like taking their time at bathroom.

10. Find the bed, take house!

11. At least they drag the body before taking the picture.

12. Safety first right?

13. Is that Atlantis?

14. Someone's been summoning the very very bad real estate demon I guess.

15. Who made this fan sad?

16. Mary Antoinette: "Decoration comes with the house."

17. What could've be more scary than a pentagram painted on the floor? Here is your answers. Many many dolls.

18. Some like to watch while taking a number 2, you'll never know.

19. Were the plants came first or the house?

20. Does he comes with the house?

21. It's a hard decision.

22. I guess they thought it would be easier to sell the house rather than tidying this mess.

23. Someone's been splashing the Great Plague into these walls.

24. Satan vs Jesus armwrestling, interesting choice of furniture, I'm guessing it's a porn set.

25. What's the most unnecessary thing you spent money on?

26. You can question your existence in here.

27. Something's off with that bathroom. Is it the color?

28. Is that Pokemon?

29. It's Feng Shui you dumb. Totally it's not that I didn't bother.

30. Some like it Horrible!

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