What Not To Wear To A Wedding: Top 11 No-Nos!


Yes; it’s the wedding season. Your ex, your cousin, your childhood friend, and that remote relative whom you haven’t seen in 10 years, they’re all getting married. What to wear to a wedding is always a difficult decision. But we won’t give you advice on last summer's trends. Rather, you’ll find very useful tips on what you must definitely avoid when choosing the right dress to a wedding.

1. A white dress

You must definitely avoid white dresses if you don’t want to steal the bride’s thunder. You can forget to buy a wedding gift to that overly attached couple whom you hate, but please show your bitterness in a different way.

2. A super-mini dress


Whether it’s the wedding of your close relatives, or your crazy high school friend’s, a super mini dress is not a good idea. It doesn’t fit the atmosphere and again, you might think twice to be the center of attention on another woman’s most special day.

3. Extremely revealing clothes


Revealing dresses can be very elegant and stylish if you know what to reveal and how. The first step to choosing the right dress is to know your body after all. And If you want to wear one to a wedding, you need to be extra careful: Do not, for example, combine a mini dress with a low neck. Choose one.

4. Very low-neck dresses


Know where to stop, girl! You don’t want the groom to be distracted, as the whole ceremony might turn into a melodramatic soap opera. Say goodbye to that very low neck dress of yours if you want the couple to be happy.

5. High heels you buy just one day before the wedding


Shoes…  They're both our lovers and our butchers. Although they’re one of the most fabulous things on earth, they hurt a lot. Don’t forget to wear them for a while before the wedding day and test them to know if they’re comfy enough to carry you for the whole night. You don’t want your feet to be a pain in the ass during the whole wedding day, right?

6. Transparent dresses


We recommend that you avoid transparent dresses, unless you're Rihanna or Beyonce…

7. Jeans


Jeans are a big NO-NO when choosing the right outfit for a wedding, no matter how close you are to the bride or the groom.

8. Gothic Clothes

I get it. You’re not the wedding type. You don’t want to look like a shiny gift box. Bla bla. Put that thing away. Just lose it, please. Play along, just for today.

9. Overly extravagant dresses

You should avoid such extravagancy if you don’t want to be confused with the wedding cake.

10. Head-to-toe black


Black is always a safe option, but not really on a wedding day. If you want to wear a black dress, you should avoid a dramatic look and try to look more colorful by adding some accessories to your overall look.

11. Accessories heavier than your own weight


Again, don’t forget the “don’t show off” rule on a wedding day. Go easy on the jewelry. Don’t try to put on everything at once. Choose a couple of accessories and you’re ready to go!

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