Two Scientific Factors That Explain Why Relationships End!


Though most of us admire long term relationships, there are many who find it boring. Either way, long term relationships and even marriages are really success stories. You won't see them often, as they are hard to come by.

Then what is it that prevents relationships from lasting? Let's take a look at it together.


According to psychologists, there are 2 factors that break up a relationship
  • Avoiding an argument

  • Trying to be right

Now let's look more into that.

The first factor that effects a relationship badly is to avoid an argument.

We can define it as ''love is all about rainbows and butterflies."  Both of the partners avoid taking the risks that an argument might bring and so they lose the opportunity to talk about it and solve it.

When this happens, there are compromises.

When they endure everything in silence to avoid an argument, they stop expressing themselves as they normally would. They don't want to cope with it at that moment but this brings problems in the long run, and after a while they become weary.

The solution is to argue in a civilized way and without hurting the other side. Arguments don't always have to be that bad.

The second factor is trying to be right all the time.

At this point, individuals tend to blame the other person and try to be right somehow. According to experts, the important factor underneath this behavior is the ambition to take control.

When one of the sides blames the other and is right, he/she starts to think that he/she helped the problem to come out.

Afterwards, he starts believing he can shape the other side. So, he gets the idea that he can relax by showing to himself and to the other side that he is not the reason for this problem: ''It's not me! I'm innocent.''

There is only one answer to all this: Understanding that you don't have the same values and thoughts as the other person.

And this is where it all begins to fall into pieces. If the individual doesn't accept this difference as natural, the relationship gets hurt and it lead to separation. If it can be accepted, then they understand that they don't have to have the same opinions. There might be more than one truth, and even if you don't have the same opinions, it is necessary to respect each other.

Long story short, it's obvious what you have to do.

Don't deprive yourself or wait for the same thing from your partner. Accept that you have different opinions and learn to respect besides love.

We hope everyone can be happy with the ones they love for a long time.

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