True Love Is Forever! 27 Romantic Couples Recreating Their Old Photos


Our bodies unfortunately and inevitably grow older but some parts of our souls live on. There are few lucky people who experience true love and it grows as the years pass instead of degrading like our bodies. BoredPanda compiled these super romantic couples' photo recreations.  😍


1. The most romantic couple of China, who said "yes" once again on their 70th anniversary.

2. The same dress, after almost 20 years! πŸ‘—πŸ‘—

3. An entire 70 years!

4. The couple who met when they were only three years old and ended up getting married. 😌😌

5. The photo taken in 1975 and the one taken 40 years later.

6. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

7. Aubrey and Mike, who were born in 1989, eleven days apart, tied the knot.

8. 1978-2015

9. Kindergarten sweethearts. ^^

10. After 45 years the only thing that changed was their looks.

11. πŸš™πŸ’—

12. 1971-2015

13. As in love and excited as 32 years ago.

14. Young souls stay young!

15. 60 years together!

16. 1988-2014

17. Adam and Alex!

18. 1972-2015

19. The love that started in 1995 and the two lives that united 20 years later!

20. From 1975 to today.

21. πŸ˜

22. 1991-2015 😌😌

23. The couple that got re-married in 1982 at their daughter's wedding.

24. 60th anniversary

25. 1982 and 32 years later. πŸ’‘

26. 37 years later...

27. 1970-2010

BONUS: Elizabeth II, the Queen of the UK and Philip Mountbatten!

May we be also granted with such awesome love story! 😍😍
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