This Man Collected Bottle Caps For 5 Years To Decorate His Kitchen, And Here Are The Result!


How far can you go to redo your kitchen table? Well, this guy and his friends and family saved bottle caps for over 5 years for his project! Here are the stages of the whole process and the result!


This guy designed and built a custom bottle cap bar top that would become the centerpiece of any room.

He and his friends and family saved 2,530 beer caps over 5 years specifically for this project.

The caps belong to domestic, craft, and import drinks.

“The initial concept was to lay out an image comprised of bottle caps,” he says.

“Then reality set in and we opted for the much easier gradient effect.”

The selected sequence is called ROYGBIV (a sequence of hues, commonly described as making up a rainbow: rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet).

It took about 4 hours and several restarts to get the desired pattern.

“Initially I was being pretty anal about cap alignment, color disbursement etc. In the end, we decided to introduce entropy and New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk, which I feel was the secret ingredient.”

Everything was then covered with 5 layers of epoxy resin and voila!

Here's the amazing result!

A perfect conversation starter for any indoor party, don't you think?

5 years of savings very well spent!
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