They Should Be Extinct! 21 Pictures About Jerks Being Jerks Will Annoy The Hell Out Of You


İf you see them, just rise up against them and teach them how be nice. These 21 photos will pop a Hulk out of you but remember; kill them with kindness.


1. You could've just bend over!!

2. Clever but a very annoying prank.

3. A bully just got a bully's back.

4. Those people are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

5. Okay stranger, you can totally block my drive way. No problem!

6. Is that a joke? Is this funny for you?

7. I could've had a heart attack but no worries.

8. Mom's face says it all.

9. Were all the spots full?

10. There goes my kid's collage found.

11. There's a special place in hell for the liars.

12. Uhh...Really?

13. Is that a new kind of back pain treatment?

14. I don't know much about luck but that looks like a bad one.

15. Why though?

16. That special place in hell is getting crowded.

17. Check the meaning of stupidity in your dictionaries because I'm pretty sure that this driver is in the definition.

18. And what about these drivers...

19. You could've use your time for more useful things but okay.

20. I guess this is the tip from the wine guy to that waitress.

21. Rage is loading...

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