These Adorable Baby Elephants Are Having Fun Like There’s No Tomorrow!


Have you ever seen anything cuter than a baby elephant? We haven’t. And we’re also pretty sure that they party harder than you ever could! 

So the next time you complain about how dull your life is, remember that just a pile of mud is enough for some to have the best day ever!


1. Oh you adorable idiots!!! ❤

2. This crazy ribbon dancer!

3. We have no idea what this one's doing. And it seems he doesn't know either.

4. "Just came to say hi!"

5. Making friends with little birds!

6. "So what's the deal with that teeny tiny nose, loser?"

7. We have an enthusiastic jacuzzi maker here!

8. Partying hard with mommy! 😍

9. Little dude showing off his singing skills!

10. All you need is a loving family, and a pile of mud, of course!

11. "Never gonna shut you out!"

12. Hitting it off with the little giraffe fella.

13. You're right, eating is always fun.

14. "Hey there, hi there, ho there!"

15. This fella loves all birthdays but especially his own.

Maybe he loves it way too much to let it go.

“It’s my box, that’s my box! Gotta hug my box!”

16. And here's the world's cutest elephant family!

17. "Peekaboo!"

18. "Don't fly wingies, that's cheating!"

19. Running on a sunny afternoon. SEE YA!

20. He definitely knows what love is!


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