The Project To Empower All Women And Stop Body Shaming


"What defines us as women is not physical appearances, it's our strong character" said these beautiful ladies we came across on HuffingtonPost. I Am All Women is a project created by a model who was body shamed by her modelling agency. We found it to be very empowering, and wanted to share it with you.


Charli Howard wrote an open letter to her agency on Facebook after the agency criticized her body shape in 2015.

She criticized her agency and stated that she's proud of her body.

Naturally, she quit working with that agency right away.

Howard is currently involved with her new project "All Woman."

The project is set to destroy the beauty standards of the fashion industry.

The photos are 100% natural, no photoshop is used.

The aim of this project is to introduce different kinds of body shapes and sizes to young women and show that it's okay to be yourself whatever shape and size you are.

"Instead of erasing the 'flaws' by using photoshop, we chose to embrace and emphasize them" she stated.

"Even models can have cellulite or other imperfections that society wants us to be ashamed of, but we shouldn't be since they are only a natural part of being a woman."

This campaign intends to get every different shaped and sized women together and help them feel confident in their own bodies.

Some photographs were focused on different parts of the body.

Some photographs were group shots celebrating the beauty of differences.

All the photographs show us the strong characters of these women.

Here are some great shots from I Am All Woman 👇


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