The Modern Institution Of Our Time: 'Fuck buddy-ness'



This concept is not immoral, or something that you should be scared of or avoid. Everybody can have their own ethics. We bless this institution, which responds to one of the most basic needs of our day in a very logical way. Hooray fuck buddy-ness!

1. You should lay the proper base for it. If you can't do it properly, you won't get further than the mentality of 'free prostitution', especially in not so modern countries.

2. However, this concept offers a very reasonable and permanent solution to a very important need.

3. And it can prevent sexual deviance. Satisfied people are happy people.

4. It is a delicious practice, aimed only at meeting a basic need, provided both parties' consent.

5. It doesn't require any responsibility or attachment, just like eating and sleeping.

6. It prevents people from feeling dirty, bad, guilty, etc. and it is only about satisfying an imperative need.

7. Compared to paying for sex, it is much more humane, beautiful and logical.

8. It gives people freedom to choose their sexual partners and prevents betrayal or cheating.

9. It also prevents heartbreaks and the tears of women who are deceived only for sex.

10. It enables women to have sex freely.

11. People become more efficient, because they don't think about sex constantly. They can channel their energy to other areas.

12. And keep your opinion to yourself if you think that it is immoral. Some people are already trying to experience that without giving it a label. We just have to put it on the right track.

13. We think that it is the best discovery of our day. And if you can't see that the societies that do this have better welfare and are more modern, you are blind.

And this- for the dear friends who would ask me "Do you want to be my fuck buddy?":
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